• Comet Hartley 2 Deep Impact Flyby
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    Stargazing Calendar for September 2023

    This month, the night sky beckons with a captivating celestial lineup. Look forward to the intriguing dance of planets in conjunctions, the mesmerizing streaks of meteors during showers, and Venus radiating at its brightest. Don't miss the chance to witness Comet Hartley 2's close encounter or the majesty of the 47 Tuc globular cluster. The September sky promises a celestial spectacle for all to enjoy!

  • Pleiades
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    Stargazing Calendar for August 2023

    Get ready for a celestial spectacle in August! This month promises a series of exciting events in the night sky, including many conjunctions, meteor showers, and oppositions of asteroids and Saturn. Whether you're a seasoned stargazer or a curious observer, there's plenty to look forward to in the awe-inspiring cosmic events unfolding above us.