• Celestial Navigation Stars Ship

    What is Celestial Navigation?

    We've been dreaming of the stars for longer than we can remember, staring up at the twinkling lights that fill the night sky and wondering what they are. We've even written songs about them. Centuries ago, before the advent of GPS, explorers and adventurers relied on celestial navigation to help them map a path to their destination. What is celestial navigation, how does it work and when was it relied upon?

  • Meteorite from Mars with biological fossils in it

    Possibilities for Life on Mars

    An article was recently published by Scientific American, a very reputable science magazine, stating that evidence was found that life existed on Mars and was brought to Earth on a meteorite. The meteorite in question is called "Allan Hills 84001". It was blasted from Mars by a huge meteorite impact 16 million years ago and crashed on Earth 13,000 years ago.