• Testament Last Will
    Corporate Law

    Business Owners And Wills: 4 Essential Steps You Need To Take

    Whether you own a business outright or are in a partnership, you can control what happens to some or all of your company when you die. By writing a will, you can have the ultimate say in your assets, including equipment and business space. It’s quite a tricky area however, and there are certain essential steps you must take first. 1. Sign an agreement Signing an agreement that is upheld by law is a way of having full control over your assets after your passing. These contracts contain information on how to handle an estate after the owner’s passing. This is a good way to delve into all the details…

  • Construction Company
    Logistics,  Management

    Five Tips To Losing Less In Your Construction Business

    Construction is a business that involves a lot of risk. We’re not just talking about risks of injury or accident (though there is that). There’s also a lot of risk of seemingly small decisions and oversights that can lead to major losses. To survive in the construction business, you need to learn fast to cut these kinds of losses out of the system where you can. This involves being on top of planning and maintenance. In this article, we’re going to look at five ways to make your business more efficient. You’ll lose less from mistakes, your employees and your practices. The best employees As much as you rely on…

  • Warehouse Assets
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    Asset Management: The Backbone of Any Company

    An asset is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a valuable person or thing.” For businesses, assets can take many forms. That is why asset management is so critical and why it can get complicated without the right systems in place. SaaS-based solutions from providers like Asure Software make asset management much more manageable. However, the only way to gain the most value is by knowing why asset management is important to your business. Lost Items Cost You Time and Money Disorganization isn’t just an annoyance, it’s costing you money. Every time an employee has to search for something, productivity is being lost. A survey from Brother International Corporation found that, on…

  • Cargo Ship
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    A Guide To Buying Expensive Business Assets

    There will come a time when your business needs to go on a spending spree. As head of the company, you may find yourself approving enormous budgets for asset building. When we say assets, we’re referring to things like industrial machinery, transportation, and huge amounts of cargo. These are assets with price tags in their thousands or even millions. It’s a phenomenal amount of money, but the biggest businesses swap this cash like it’s short change. If you have big ambitions, your business will ultimately get to this level too. You might find yourself in the market for 2nd hand general cargo vessels or a fleet of delivery trucks. You need…