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    How To Travel Solo Safely

    Travelling solo as a woman is brave, exciting and really fulfilling. Here is a handful of ways to keep you safe while you're there. Knowing lots about the place you're heading to will serve you well. Find out any areas to avoid, plus local customs and traditions. Also, find out what the currency is, and any visas or jabs you need to get.

  • Change 4 Chinese Moon Rover
    Space Exploration

    Why Did Lunar Outpost Design Small Rovers for the Moon?

    It's been a long time since we've sent people to the moon. The last human being set foot on our satellite in 1972 and though China has sent probes to the dark side of the Moon, no humans have visited it in decades. In spite of this, many countries are still looking up into the night sky and wonder if the moon has more to offer. One company is working on exploring that potential in the future. Why is Lunar Outpost designing small rovers for use on the moon?

  • Andaman Island Sea

    Andaman Travel Safety & Survival Tips

    The first step in any vacation plan is research. You must look up the destination and find out the popular tourist spots, restaurants, and sights and sounds that must absolutely be a part of your trip. With this elementary knowledge, you would be able to cook up a solid itinerary for your vacation. Alternatively, you could delegate this work to any expert travel operator who already knows what to look for and how best to structure your travel plan to ensure you get the best possible value for the time and money invested. Beyond this, however, you will need to pick up some practical ground-level knowledge about the place you…

  • Tioman Island

    Six Drop Dead Gorgeous Islands of Malaysia

    Malaysia is not all about the iconic Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur, as there is much more to appreciate than just high rise commercial structures. People may not be knowing, but this country is home to some of the finest islands and secluded beaches, comparable to the best in Southeast Asia. While most islands are well known, there are a few offbeat hidden treasures, complete with pristine beaches in an idyllic tropical setting. With so many islands to choose from, finding the best can be a herculean task. Still, we have narrowed down our search to these six patches of paradise, which are surrounded by water, in Malaysia. All you…

  • Bangkok Thailand City

    The Best Places To Stay In Bangkok

    As the capital of Thailand, and the most highly populated city in the country, Bangkok is a haven for the worldly adventurer. Every year, tourists from all corners of the globe visit the city to experience its stunning sights, sounds, and flavours. The city has something for everyone.

  • Isle Of Skye

    Top 5 Best Countries for Hiking with your Family & Friends

    There’s nothing like hiking with a big group of all your family and close friends because you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun. But choosing the right location isn’t easy; you’ll need to consider accommodation as well as finding the best trails depending on your fitness level. And that’s why we’re here for, to help you with five terrific locations that are great for hiking with your whole clan.

  • Myanmar Pagoda Temple

    The Adventure Holidaymaker’s Guide to Myanmar (Burma)

    As a place that’s only just become accessible recently, Myanmar (Burma) is an area that’s only just being discovered by tourists. That’s why it’s a great place for those who are looking for a unique holiday where they can uncover hidden gems and immerse themselves in the culture of the country. With so much to discover, including hidden temples, floating markets and tribal villages, this destination is perfect for someone looking for an adventure. And the type of adventure you go on depends on what tour you take: Travel Around on Two Wheels Many companies are offering holidaymakers the chance to discover this stunning location on two wheels. Travelling around this…