• Moroccan Rugs
    Interior Design

    It’s Rugs and Not Carpets – Facts About Moroccan Rugs

    There is a growing demand for folk art and folk culture among the urban population, and this might be a reason why Moroccan rugs are so popular today. Artisans in faraway remote places of the North African country make the rugs that are beautiful pieces of work in folk art. On analysing the designs that stem from the experiences of the lives of the artisans, we get a glimpse of their psyche.

  • Victorian Style Architecture, Durham Hall, Sydney, Australia. Photo by Sardaka. License: CC BY 3.0.

    Guide to Period Architectural Styles in Australia

    Since its founding in 1788, Australia has gone on to amass a rich cache of colonial architecture. Many of its metropolises still bear the imprint of its forebears. Going out from the city centre, you will realise that the suburbs progressively showcase different periods in Australia's history. This is why it's not unusual to find a Federation manor near the beach or a Gothic Revival abode further inland.

  • Grand Union Flag
    Art History

    American History – The Evolution and Meaning of the Flag

    The American flag has been a symbol of strength and unification since 1777. It has been changed more than 20 times over several years. The changes that have been made have not compromised the powerful symbolism of the flag that citizens link to its origin. The flag remains as iconic as it was in the past. Colonial Flag The initial colonial flag that resembles the current flag was known as the Grand Union. It was characterized by 13 stripes that alternated red and white shades to represent thirteen colonies. The blue field was situated at the corner on the upper left-hand side with a red and white cross. It was…

  • Painting from Photograph
    Graphic Art

    Paintings from Pictures: Establishing the Artistic Vision

    The distinct link between photography and painting has been a subject of discussion since the invention of the former in 1839. Many painting enthusiasts were convinced that photography was putting painting out of business and lamented a loss prematurely. Photographers feared that the painters did not perceive them as serious artists. The two arts have competed over the years, each trying to outdo the other. However, painting and photography are quickly becoming complementary and the artists realize that each can enhance the other. Photography has been elevated as an art by the understanding of painting. Photography was originally focused only on realism which represents the subjects truthfully without artistic conventions…