• Glass Wall Apartment
    Interior Design

    Glass Decorations for Your Home

    When it comes to home decoration, usually everyone goes for the same or similar ideas. When we think of interior design, glass isn't really the first material that comes to mind. It is more like wood, steel or something along those lines of thinking. When you really think about it, there is no real reason not to consider glass as one of the primary materials for interior design and decoration, except for some misleading, stereotypical misconceptions.

  • Buddhist Temple, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Photo by Dennis Jarvis. License: CC BY-SA 2.0.

    Discover the Beauty of Vietnam

    Why travel to Vietnam? It seems that many people are not fully aware of all the amazing sites to visit in this country. If you like traveling to Asian countries, you will probably think that everything that's written in this article is common knowledge. However, if you have yet to discover the beauty of Vietnam, this article will be a great starting point for you.

  • Smart Home

    The Jetsons are Jealous of Your Future Smart Home

    Smart homes have been a dream for many consumers. A George Jetson kind of home where you can control everything from small handheld devices and voice commands seemed like science fiction until very recently. Now it appears the pieces are all there, but now we find ourselves a bit overwhelmed and scrambling to get all of those tech features to fall into place.

  • Gadget

    Educational Gift Ideas

    With the holiday season rapidly approaching, many of us are stuck with the dilemma of choosing gifts for kids. Sure you could go out and buy the most popular video game or this season’s trendy Barbie doll, but do these gifts really hold much meaning? Lets face it, children often play with a toy for a few minutes, forget about it, and move onto the next thing. This year get them something they can use over and over with their friends, along with providing an educational experience. These toys listed below are both fun and educational toys that are great for children of the ages 7-15. One of the main…