• Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Stenella Plagiodon

    What Do Dolphins Eat?

    Dolphins are very intelligent creatures and seem to be well loved by humans. The amazing aquatic mammal has many qualities that have been fascinating mankind for centuries. Dolphins are curious creatures known to make strong bonds within their pod and apart from that, they are also known to help humans in variety of ways like fishing and rescuing.

  • Mouse Trap

    6 Important Signs That You Need Pest Control Services for Your Home

    Many homeowners will struggle with pest infestation and only hire pest control companies when they are unable to control the pests on their own. Unfortunately, pests can enter your home throughout the year and remain hidden. When you start noticing them, it means that they have infiltrated your house already. Here are five signs that it is time to contact the best pest control services in your locality. You see pests in your home Some pests are quite good at hiding, while others will make appearances when they enter your home, for example, mice, ants, and roaches. Dead bugs can also be an indication that living ones are just close…

  • Angry Dog
    Injury Law

    Dog Bite Claims – Everything You Ought to Know

    Dogs are the perfect companion for humans, but their potential to risk your life can’t be neglected. According to a survey, millions of people are attacked by street dogs each year. These attacks are perhaps the reason why dog bite claims are becoming popular these days. Whenever a dog bites a person, it drastically affects their physical and mental well being. One can always seek legal help in claiming reimbursement from the owners of the dog.

  • Rat Pest Control

    Fall and Winter Preparation: Pest Control

    As the weather cools down, all sorts of pests start to leave their outdoor habitats for the warmth of another home: yours. Below are some tips for keeping your home creepy-crawly free, without endangering children and pets who may be doing some crawling around of their own. Check Areas of Entry Bugs and rodents may seem like they appear out of nowhere, but they do have to get in your house somewhere. If you notice an invasion, try to locate the source. It’s possible that by sealing up cracks around doors and windows, or holes in your roof and around your gutters, you can prevent the pests from getting in…

  • Underwater Fish

    Exploring the World’s Oceans

    According to estimates made by NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center, the world’s oceans consists of 321,003,271 cubic miles of water. It has also been acknowledged that they cover 71 per cent of Earth. So, what can actually be found within these vast spaces? Subsea pipeline inspection specialists Tracerco aims to find out… Examples of life There are already hundreds of thousands of known species which exist in the world’s oceans. However, claims by scientists state that many more forms of marine life are yet to be discovered. On top of this, there are 4,000 species of coral reef fish to be found too, which is close to a quarter of…

  • Animal Cat Pet
    Mental Health

    Can an Emotional Support Animal Help with your Anxiety?

    Anxiety is one of many emotional disorders that get diagnosed and given medication. That being said, there are a lot of alternative therapies that have done a lot of good work in helping you to get whatever you need in regards to the whole thing. Have you ever thought about getting an emotional support animal that can help with your needs? Is this a possibility? And does it actually make a difference? Let’s take a look.

  • Bad Neighbor

    Home Sweet Home: How To Deal With Bad Neighbors

    One thing that might be wreaking havoc on your life could be your relationship with your neighbor. Because you are at your home at least once in the day, the chances are that you will come across them quite often. You might hear the loud noises they make or see them making a mess all over their front or back yard. It can be hard to get on when you have a bad neighbor.

  • Bats Flying Dogs

    5 Diseases Spread by Bats

    Bats are very extraordinary creatures. They are the only known flying mammal and one of only a few creatures on the planet to successfully use echolocation to hunt for their food. Bats are also hugely beneficial to humans in that they contribute to both pest control and pollination. The US Geological Survey estimates that bats save the US agricultural industry nearly $3 billion per year in pest management needs.

  • Cheese Rolling Festival. Photo by Dave Farrance. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

    The World’s Weirdest Festivals

    Every year in the West Country one very unusual annual festival takes place. The cheese rolling festival of Cooper's Hill is infamous for its sheer inexplicable concept, and involves a wheel of cheese battling humans to the bottom of the hill.