• Warehouse Shipping Inventory
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    Shipping Goods from China to Amazon FBA Warehouse: What Are Your Options?

    The rapid increase in the number of online stores is so evident. From toys and shoes to home-care products, people can actually get whatever they need online. In the United States alone, the ecommerce arena is worth more than $220 billion dollars annually. Talking of ecommerce, what often comes to the mind of many people is this platform that is proving to be the world’s biggest retailer; Amazon.

  • Drone
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    Rise of Anti-Drone Weapons

    ‘Drone’ is the common term given to an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). These devices have become increasingly popular in recent years and Amazon has even started using them for delivering small packages. They are also commonly used to film beautiful aerial vistas for home videos and travelogues. However, they pose a threat to commercial pilots and even more disturbing, the military.

  • Android TV

    TV 2.0 Is Here, Are You Ready?

    So much about television has changed in just the last ten years that it is difficult to know where to start. Some of the changes are not the best. But one thing is for certain: If you just woke up from a ten-year hibernation, you are going to need a bit of a primer before turning on a TV.

  • Business people handshake with company team in background
    Internet,  Software

    Don’t Let Technology De-Humanize Your Business

    New technologies may increase overall efficiency and reduce operating costs, but taking away the human element from your business may do more harm than good. As businesses begin to replace human employees with technology applications such as credit card readers and tablets because of increasing wage costs, businesses must still remember the importance of great customer service—which begins with a human connection. Think customer service doesn’t matter? One company that has felt the sting because of a lack of great customer service is Sears, which reported a $3.1 billion loss in 2012, according to Ashley Lutz of Business Insider. The business has an 86 percent unsatisfied, one-out-of-five star rating on…

  • Management

    Five Ways To Improve Employee Training

    Training has always been an essential technique for employees to understand what work is required of them to fulfill their job positions. Now, as companies are looking for new ways to increase productivity and operations, they are taking more time to improve employee training processes. Improvements in training tactics are essential for businesses to survive and grow. And better training means happier, more motivated employees. Here are 5 ways to improve employee training this year: Training Tactic #1: Offer Employee Incentive Programs Incentive programs have been around almost forever. Most programs focus on rewarding employees for the great jobs that they do at work. But now, managers are shifting incentive…