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    How to Find the Motivation to Stop A Habit

    Are you struggling to stop a habit? Truth be told, it is not easy and kicking a bad habit takes time and consistency. Most people are struggling to stop a habit, may it be taking alcohol, drugs or smoking. However, not all is lost. You can stop a habit. You can quit the drinking that has stolen so much from you or the smoking that is giving you that nasty cough. Here is how you can find the motivation to stop a habit.

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    Elements of a Perfect Red Wine Label

    There's no such beautiful and exhilarating feeling rather than sitting in your couch, watching your favorite sports or TV program, and drinking your most favorite glass of wine. This is a dream come true for every one of us especially when we came from very long and stressful working days. Sipping that glass of wine as a means of relaxation provides an optimum feeling of contentment not only for hard workers but for everyone.

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    What Qualities Should a DWI Team Possess?

    Defense lawyers, like a DWI team, are a vital part of our judicial system. If you're involved in a DWI incident, you need a good DWI team at your side. The stages of a DWI case include the arrest, an arraignment, fact gathering, negotiation stage, trial, and sentencing. A police officer may ask you to pull over if there's a suspicion that you committed a violation or a crime, most especially if you're still outdoors driving in early morning hours or late at night.

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    What People Don’t Know About Impaired Driving

    Every day, 29 people die in an alcohol-related car accident in the United States. The CDC estimates that alcohol-related collisions cost more than $44 billion each year. Although impaired driving is most commonly associated with alcohol consumption, drugs also affect your ability to drive safely. Here’s what people don’t know about impaired driving. Alcohol-impaired driving accounts for more than quarter of traffic-related deaths Alcohol-impaired car accidents accounted for 28% of all traffic-related deaths in 2016. That same year, 1,223 children between the ages of 0 and 14 were killed in alcohol-related accidents. More than 1 million people were arrested for driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol in 2016.…

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    What You Didn’t Know About Breathalyzer Tests

    Breathalyzer tests are just one tool police officers use to determine whether drivers are intoxicated. They work by measuring the level of alcohol in your breath and are often combined with other field sobriety tests to gauge whether a driver is drunk. Laws and rules related to breathalyzer tests vary from state to state. Here’s what you don’t know about breathalyzer tests. In Some States, You Can Refuse a Breathalyzer Test Some states allow drivers to refuse a breathalyzer test without penalties. But if you refuse both chemical testing and a breathalyzer test, you may face arrest or other penalties, such as license suspension. Chemical tests are performed at the…

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    The History of Gin

    Gin has become one of the most popular spirits of today, often mixed with tonic. However, it’s actually been around for quite some time, with confirmed roots dating back to the 17th century. If you’re interested to learn a little more about your favourite spirit, below you’ll discover a brief history of gin. Where it all started The confirmed production date of gin was reportedly in the 17th century. The spirit is said to have started out in Holland, where it was actually used as a medicine to treat gallstones, stomach complaints and gout. However, some argue that it dates even further back in time and was originally produced in…

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    How to Have the Perfect 4th of July Celebration

    Great news: the perfect 4th of July party actually exists outside of Pinterest! It doesn’t take Martha Stuart or a staging queen to pull it off, either. If you really want to impress your patriotic partygoers this year, it can be done—easily and affordably, without breaking the bank! 1. Get the Buzz Going You can’t have a party if no one attends! The 4th of July is a busy holiday; many families choose to spend their time off on vacation or shuffling around between barbeques. To make sure your event is on everyone’s radar, be sure to get the invites out early and start building the buzz. It’s never too…

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    Top 5 Drinks You’ll Be Gasping for in 2018

    The end is nigh. Over 3.1 million people from Britain, according to a YouGov survey, took the plunge to see if they could abstain from drinking alcohol over the course of January. With February just a few short sleeps away, it will be interesting to see what percentage walked away completely T-total for the duration of those 31 days. Whilst there is a high of 72% participants reducing their alcohol intake in the following 6 months, there are still some drinks we think you’d love to toast to your January success. 1. Rum Cocktails According to Forbes we might be swapping out our G & Ts for more rum inspired…

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    3 Things That Can Happen If You Fail to Provide a Specimen While Under the Influence

    We are guided by laws that govern the people of a country and they should be respected and adhered to. Suspicion of being under the influence while driving or attempting to do so is an offense that can land one into deep trouble and if you fail to provide a sample when asked by an officer in uniform, it is also a serious offense. When you have been pulled over by an officer, he or she has the right to ask for a sample if the officer has a good enough reason to suspect that you are under the influence. An officer can request for over the road breath-screening sample…

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    The Culture of Wine

    A glass of wine in the evening is a pleasure enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It is consumed with dinner, with friends, after a stressful day, in the bath or out in the garden. It seems we need little excuse to pour a glass or two. But has it always been this way or is this something new? It is thought that wine production began between 6,000BC and 3,000BC in the Persian and Georgia area. Stories of this time mention a king’s daughter who ate spoiled grapes in an attempt to end her own life after falling out with the king. Instead of dying, the girl felt…