• Moroccan Rugs
    Interior Design

    It’s Rugs and Not Carpets – Facts About Moroccan Rugs

    There is a growing demand for folk art and folk culture among the urban population, and this might be a reason why Moroccan rugs are so popular today. Artisans in faraway remote places of the North African country make the rugs that are beautiful pieces of work in folk art. On analysing the designs that stem from the experiences of the lives of the artisans, we get a glimpse of their psyche.

  • Travel Map

    How To Travel Solo Safely

    Travelling solo as a woman is brave, exciting and really fulfilling. Here is a handful of ways to keep you safe while you're there. Knowing lots about the place you're heading to will serve you well. Find out any areas to avoid, plus local customs and traditions. Also, find out what the currency is, and any visas or jabs you need to get.

  • Monkey on Road

    Dealing with Wildlife on the Road when Traveling

    Travelling in Africa allows you to savor the wide variety of geographical features, natural attractions and diversity of wildlife in their natural habitat. The African continent boasts of vast savannah grasslands inhabited by wildlife. Since these grasslands occupy a large area, it is common to have roads within the animal habitats and normal to find wildlife on the road when on a journey.

  • KwaZulu Natal Drakensberg

    Enjoy an Exotic Holiday in KwaZulu-Natal Without the Exorbitant Price Tag

    KwaZulu-Natal is a travel destination for everyone. It is perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways and exciting adventure holidays. Whether you are looking for a fun location to spend time with your kids, or you are searching for a romantic spot for your winter wedding. KZN will come through with surprising places, with some of the most picturesque landscapes. While KZN is the non-budging leader of the South African tourism landscape, it is also home to the 700-acre tropical estate and resorts Zimbali. This tropical coastal estate is home to everything South Africa is famous for. There are rolling lush green fields, virgin forests, white beaches and a gorgeous view…

  • Zanzibar

    The Hidden Gems of Zanzibar

    Zanzibar is renowned for its epic beaches and island-style living. While this is obviously a fantastic experience, the archipelago also boasts a rich culture that has many unique stories to tell. This is why Zanzibar holiday packages are perfect for beach lovers and history enthusiasts alike. Make sure these activities are on your list – they will entrench a deep appreciation for Zanzibar. Nungwi and Kendwa beaches While these two beaches are very popular, the hidden aspects are found in the overall ambiance and joyful exuberance that you will experience. Besides soaking up the sun on the silky sand and swimming in the warm turquoise water, there are a variety…

  • Leopard

    Five Fantastic Trips for Photographers in Southern Africa

    Filled with wondrous wildlife, interesting cultures, and enthralling adventures, Africa is a visionary buffet for photographers on the hunt for epic shots. Travelling, more specifically to the southernmost countries of the continent, should find you in photo shoot locations nothing short of amazing. Here are five dream destinations in Southern Africa fantastic for photographers.