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    Some Top Industries in the United States

    The United States has a diverse number of industries where someone can work. It includes the heavy industries, manufacturing industries, agricultural industries, and the high tech industries. The population has the right to choose where they want to work, and some of the industries would require certain skills for someone to be marked as fit to work. An individual who wanted to enter the heavy industries would need to have skills in performing different tasks, such as welding, and they should also know the difference between its many types. Friction stir welding, for example, is one of the most common welding methods performed in the heavy industry. Friction stir welding…

  • Space Internet

    Space Internet [Infographic]

    The idea of global internet via satellite is nothing new. Pioneers that failed to capture the global frontier: In the late 90’s several companies began projects to provide worldwide voice and data communications from mobile devices. Iridium: Service launched: November 1, 1998 Bankrupt: August 1999 Globalstar: First Call Placed: November 1, 1998 Bankrupt: February 15, 2002 Both services declared bankruptcy not long after they were launched. Both companies have re-started and are providing hundreds of thousands of the customers with satellite phone and internet services today. Source: ComputerScienceDegreeHub.com Clash of the Titan Titan Aerospace produces solar-powered drones High-tech, solar-powered satellite. Can travel the globe and stay in flight for up…