• American Border
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    Border Control Forces Receive New Technology

    Regulating the movement of people, goods, and animals across country borders is vital. As such, border control forces need the best technology. In this article, we’re exploring the latest advancements in technology that are helping in border control. A sense of space: drones and holographic printers VICE has reported that a company called Zebra Imaging, at the Tenth Annual Border Security Expo in San Antonio, Texas, was noted to be selling holographic printers for a cool $1 million. According to the report, these machines were already being utilised at Border Control stations in El Paso, San Diego and Tucson — having initially been sold to the US military for use…

  • Miniature Human Face Models 3D Printed
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    Beyond the Facade: 3D Printing and Anaplastology

    Famed sci-fi author and philosopher Arthur C.Clarke once famously said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This is a beautiful, thought-provoking sentiment — although, we do have to remember that magic, as awe-inspiring as it can be, is also scary. For centuries, the supernatural has made people uncomfortable. Case in point: Back when animation was primarily done on paper, without graphics processing units and animation programs running the show, cartoon characters were clearly recognizable as human, but they were also simultaneously and unambiguously nothing more than symbolic representations of humans. They were line-drawn characters with human voices, and though it requires suspension of disbelief to derive entertainment…

  • Medicine Pills
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    Top Healthcare Industry Trends to Watch

    The world of healthcare isn’t the same place it used to be. In just the past few years, technology and competition have led to major changes in the way healthcare functions. Healthcare professionals and providers face a lot of pressure to reach revenue goals and deliver higher levels of care than ever before. These changes are brought by a number of new trends including technological advances and environmental constraints. It isn’t a surprise that in this age of change, healthcare needs to adapt. These healthcare industry trends are encouraging positive changes that benefit consumers. The Rise of Telemedicine There are a number of ads on TV and online today advertising…

  • Virtual Reality
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    Some Technology You Once Only Dreamed Of

    Technology is one of those things that is always expanding and always surprising the layman that loves using it but doesn’t always understand just how it works. Virtual reality may still feel like science fiction to some people, even though it’s becoming a more and more common thing in the world. Drones still seem alien to some people and they are used by the military and by photo- and videographers on a regular basis.

  • 3D Printer
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    Is 3D Printing The Next Big Thing?

    With technology evolving everyday something like this doesn't come as a surprise. Everyday further advances in the technological world are being made and each one surpasses the previous one. Not long from now, something will be invented that would exceed this as well. However, till that time comes, 3D printing is something quite astonishing while people are saying this has revolutionized the technological world.

  • Biker Motorcycle
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    First Fully Functioning 3D Printed Bike Unveiled

    There has been much excitement in sunny California recently since it was in this location that the first fully functioning 3D printed motorcycle was unveiled for the world to see. Audiences at the California Tech Fair peered on with open mouths as the curtains dropped and standing before them was a fully working Harley Davidson Softail. This brand is a well-known name and is often depicted as being one of the best motorcycle creations of all time, but what led TE Connectivity to transform this beautiful model into a 3D printed bike? The Creation Process According to Auto Evolution, creating this majestic specimen took 1,000 hours to complete and cost…