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Why Hiring a Defense Attorney for your DUI Case is Crucial

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In case you are caught up in a DUI charge, the best option for you is to hire a defense attorney. Recently, many states have developed stringent measures to curb DUI cases.

The consequences of DUI could be severe if you do not have legal representation after an arrest. Without a defense attorney, you could:

  • Lose your license
  • Pay a large fine
  • Get jail time
  • Get a permanent mark on your record

For multiple charges (i.e., fourth and subsequent offenses), you become a felon.

Here, we focus on reasons why you should hire a top drunk driving defense attorney for any DUI case you may be involved in.

Knowledge of the Legal rules

DUI attorneys have an understanding of how court customs and systems work. A reasonable attorney will help negotiate for a lesser sentence.

With a competent attorney’s assistance, you may be able to enter a diversion or first-time offender program; hence, you avoid a criminal record.

An attorney who is unfamiliar with the local court customs will not be able to negotiate with the prosecution and help you achieve the desired outcome.

Dealing with the science behind DUIs

Did you know that there was science behind a DUI case? For instance, an officer may conduct a test lightly just because they wanted to make an arrest. Also, they may use faulty test kits.

Reliable defense attorneys follow up in detail the science behind your charge, for instance, blood draws, breath tests, and field sobriety tests. In any DUI case, such tests should not be inconclusive.

Your defense may gain strength on things such as a faulty breathalyzer test or a rising blood alcohol content defense. Such may help you win a case.

Protection from harsh sentences

It is the work of a DUI attorney to ensure that you get a fair judgment. Due to the complexities of such a case, you may end up getting harsher punishments if convicted.

Without a defense attorney, you may end up getting a jail term. Also, the DMV may revoke your driver’s license.

However, a reasonable defense attorney will get you a lenient sentence such as community service and convince the DMV to allow you to keep your license.

Did you know that the rate of conviction in DUI cases was higher for people with public defenders and those with no attorneys than for those with private defense?

Having inside information

Good defense attorneys know players in the case. For instance, if an officer is not qualified to conduct a sobriety test, or has previous disciplinary action for lying.

With such knowledge, your DUI case may end up in a dismissal. Also, attorneys maintain good working relationships with prosecutors and can negotiate an acceptable plea bargain, safeguarding you from going to trial.


Study shows that people who choose private defense lawyers are twice as satisfied with the outcome than those with no lawyers. Also, they are thrice as happy as those with public defense.

For favorable results in your DUI case, consider hiring a competent, aggressive defense attorney.

Aaron Gordon is a writer for various blogs.

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