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How to Find the Motivation to Stop A Habit

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Are you struggling to stop a habit? Truth be told, it is not easy and kicking a bad habit takes time and consistency. Most people are struggling to stop a habit, may it be taking alcohol, drugs or smoking.

However, not all is lost. You can stop a habit. You can quit the drinking that has stolen so much from you or the smoking that is giving you that nasty cough.

Here is how you can find the motivation to stop a habit.

The power of the mind

The mind is powerful. It is all in mind, and you are what you think. These are quotes about the power of the mind. It is the same power you can use if you want the motivation to stop a habit.

Think positive thoughts about stopping the habit. Tell yourself that “I can do this” or “I can quit taking alcohol.” In case negative thoughts come, fight them with positive ones.  Eventually, you will get used to thinking positively, which can help to motivate you to stop the habits.

Visualize success

You can get the motivation to stop a habit by visualizing a successful ending. Is alcohol destroying your career and your family? Start to visualize a life with your happy family and successful career without the alcohol.

This should motivate you to stop the habit so that you can live the kind of life you desire.

Find like-minded people

People who have similar goals to yours can help to motivate you to achieve them. Therefore, look for like-minded people. These could be on online forums, group meetings, friends or colleagues who have a similar goal of stopping a habit. When you interact, you encourage each other, share the challenges you are facing and how you can overcome them.

No matter how you find to stop the habit difficult, you can be motivated by the experiences of others.

You should avoid those who are likely to demotivate or discourage you. So, if you are trying to quit drinking or smoking, avoid those who are in the habit since they can draw you back.

Give yourself rewards

Rewards are known to motivate people to do more. You can set goals, after which you reward yourself when you accomplish. For instance, you can decide that you take a holiday if you don’t take alcohol for a month. A month may seem a short time, but it is long for someone who is struggling with a habit.

After the month, take a holiday. You can continue setting goals and giving rewards. This will motivate you to stop the habit, and after a while, you may realize you have succeeded.

You may not go on holiday every month, but you could buy a new car after a year. The important part is to set realistic goals and to use practical rewards.

Keep moving

It doesn’t matter if you have to crawl; just keep moving. Have you slipped once, don’t beat yourself up, rise and keep going.

Feeling guilty after you relapse can demotivate you. Don’t let guilt ruin your progress. Acknowledge the slip and move on.

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Aaron Gordon is a writer for various blogs.


  • dr. Jearene Binet

    I agree with your words. From my own experience I know that such tips as you described can greatly help in getting rid of a bad habit. Such tips will help little to get rid of addiction, but they will help to get rid of small habits. When I tried to stop drinking coffee, I thought that one motivation was enough for me, but that was a wrong opinion. To achieve a goal requires perseverance, you also need to be able to reward yourself. These are great tips and advice to everyone!

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