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    3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring for Proposing

    One of the most exciting things about getting engaged is being able to totally and completely surprise your fiance when you pop the question. However, many couples today go engagement ring shopping together. While this will ensure that your fiance gets the exact ring she wants, it takes away that element of surprise that many couples are looking for. Luckily, you can still get your fiance a ring she’ll love and surprise her when you ask her to marry you. To show you how you can accomplish both of these things, here are three tips for picking the perfect engagement ring for proposing to your soon-to-be fiance. Get Her Ring…

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    Advantages of Buying Vintage Jewelry

    Old is gold. It is a proverb that we all must have come across often. Proverbial sayings often have a deeper meaning attached to them and in this context, it holds even truer. Vintage or antique jewelry, as it is clear from the name, is a rare piece of jewelry that has been handed over many generations and stands as a testimony of the time passed. But why should you buy a piece of jewellery that is old and used to belong to someone before? Well, there are novel advantages of buying a vintage piece and it is often considered wise to buy vintage jewelry. Uniqueness Nothing spells unique like…

  • Online Gift
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    Buy Gifts Online at Reasonable Prices to Celebrate Auspicious Events

    When festivals are about to come, there is a lot of happiness and excitement. The festival day brings joy and along with it comes to a lot of preparation like decoration, exchanging gifts etc. People often get stressed while taking care of the list of preparation. You become quite busy in taking care of decorations with flowers, making sweets for family and friends. You might even think of throwing a party for small get together. They often don’t get time to buy gifts from stores. But now due to online stores, people are less bothered about going out to stores. The gifts are just a click away. All you have…

  • Diamond Ring Woman
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    All That You Need to Know About Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

    Diamond Engagement Rings are in high demand and why not, a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Every girl dreams of owning a diamond ring. Today diamonds are available in different shapes of which the cushion cut diamond is one of the most popular. A Brief on the Cushion Shape Cushion-shaped diamonds are to die for. When you hold it in your hand, you will see that this diamond boasts of slightly rounded edges with no corners, providing its shape which looks like a cushion or a household pillow. The best part is it comes in different dimensions, and such dimensions are known as “Length-Width Ratio.” Cushion Cut Diamond Defined…

  • Makeup Brush
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    Leverage Your Love for Fashion and Beauty to Make Money

    A job doesn’t feel like work when it’s your passion. If you are hopelessly devoted to fashion and beauty, then there’s a possible career in it for you. There are many different opportunities; you only need to find one that fits your lifestyle. Learn how to leverage your love of fashion and beauty into a way to make money. Mad About Makeup Could you spend hours at the makeup counter? Are YouTube beauty vloggers your kindred spirits? If you’re obsessed with makeup, then make it what you do. There are lots of great beauty brands out there looking for ambassadors. Choose a product you can be proud to wear and…

  • Flower Woman
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    4 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Looking Beautiful

    There’s something to be said for beautiful looking and beautiful feeling skin. If the aesthetics are right, it’s an indication that you’re healthy and confident. But if you have any kind of blemishes or wrinkles, especially when you’re younger, it can be a sign you should adjust some of your hygiene habits, and you’ll be happy with the results as long as you stick with these positive rituals. When it comes to following tips about keeping your skin healthy and beautiful, consider following advice about acne care, hydration, sunscreen, and facial exercises. If you develop healthy habits in all four of those categories, you should have glowing health and confidence…

  • Manicure
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    Manicuring Tips For Surviving The Summer

    The activities of summertime can really do a number on a great manicure, but there is hope. There are several steps you can take to combat the damage swimming, hiking, and other outdoor sports can do to your nails during the summer. It is easy to get caught up in tending to your skin, as the sun can be a formidable opponent during the summer months, but don’t get so wrapped up in skincare that you forget to take care of your nails. Here are a few excellent nail care tips that will help you conquer the challenges of summer, and arise victorious over cracked and broken fingernails. Add that…

  • Woman Portrait
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    Summer, the Season of Bright Hues. Here’s All You Need to Know About It.

    Winters are long gone. It is time to tuck away those woollen clothes and prepare for the summers. You will hardly find a person who is in love with the summer season. The extreme heat, coupled with the high humidity, makes it an unbearable situation. The best way to deal with the heat is to drink lots of water to keep your system hydrated and cool. Healthy diet and lifestyle will assist you to stay at the top of your game this summer. But what about your style quotient? Is it easy to dress appropriately for any occasion during the hot months? For a layman, it may seem challenging. If…

  • Blond Hair Woman
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    Best 3 Hot Hairstyles That Will Give You a Cool Look This Season

    Your hairstyle can be free and easy or you can spend half your morning getting your look just right. The decision, of course, is entirely yours. However, there are certain hairstyles that are bound to keep you looking and feeling cool this season. The best part of these hairstyles is that they can work for anyone and even once you get the cut, they are versatile enough to change up on a daily basis. This is especially true of the short cut. Though, you should know a secret about going short. It actually takes a lot more work to style shorter cuts on a daily basis than a long cut,…

  • Woman Stylish Sunglasses
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    How to Get the Celebrity Look Without the Price Tag

    It’s not really much of a mystery why you might want to look like a celebrity—because they step out looking almost flawless with the help of the best wardrobe stylists. Still, this is no reason for someone with a taste for fashion and a shoestring budget to feel that they don’t have a chance of looking remarkably good. Here’s the thing, you can find affordable ways to getting a similar look to the trendsetters and be mistaken for a celebrity, without the price tag. If you admire celebs when it comes to style–from the top of their heads to what they have on their feet–then you probably ask yourself how it’s possible to have that look without spending A-list…