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    Helpful Suggestions for the Introverted Bride

    Are you a person who tends to find noisy, busy social situations emotionally and physically draining? Do you find yourself quiet and reserved in large groups of unfamiliar people? Have people told you that you are more self-aware or thoughtful than the average individual? Do you value your alone time and enjoy doing most of your favorite things in solitude? Do you excel at your job because it provides you with a great deal of independence? If so, you are displaying some of the characteristic signs of introversion. While introverts can and do socialize, they tend to stick with a small group of intimate friends. For the introverted bride-to-be, the…

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    5 Benefits of Outdoor Wedding Venues

    Wedding venues contribute about 60 percent to the success of a perfect wedding. It is one of the critical decisions that you need to make with a sober mind, putting into consideration a number of factors. Being an important day of your life, you should make it memorable, and save yourself the embarrassment that comes with poor planning. A wedding venue matters a lot since it will also affect how your wedding will be conducted. You need to take time to consult professionals or couples who have married before you. You can conduct your wedding in an open or enclosed space. However, most people prefer open areas. Here are the…

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    All That You Need to Know About Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

    Diamond Engagement Rings are in high demand and why not, a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Every girl dreams of owning a diamond ring. Today diamonds are available in different shapes of which the cushion cut diamond is one of the most popular. A Brief on the Cushion Shape Cushion-shaped diamonds are to die for. When you hold it in your hand, you will see that this diamond boasts of slightly rounded edges with no corners, providing its shape which looks like a cushion or a household pillow. The best part is it comes in different dimensions, and such dimensions are known as “Length-Width Ratio.” Cushion Cut Diamond Defined…

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    Should You Get a Floral Arch for Your Event?

    Floral arches can make any event stand out and become something that much more special. Deciding on whether or not you should get one for your event takes some evaluation of pros and cons. Because they’re so delicate and so much work is put into making them, floral arches can cost a lot of money. The end result always looks stunning, that’s not questionable. The decision to get a floral arch for your event depends on the details of your event.

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    Hottest Wedding Trends in 2017

    2017 has not finished yet as well as a wedding season. You still have plenty of time to use the trends we’re going to talk about for your future wedding. So, sit back, relax, take a pen, and make a note. Today we’re going to discuss the hottest wedding trends of 2017 every bride should be aware of. So, let’s get started. Before anything else, take a smartphone and download one of the following thematic planning apps – Wedding Wire, WeddingHappy, iWedPlanner, or Table Plan. These apps will be your personal assistants and helpers when preparing for one of the happiest days in the life. You can use them everywhere…

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    What Kind of Gift Should You Choose for the Groomsmen?

    When it comes to a wedding, the groomsmen and bridesmaids have an essential role. They support the bride and the groom on their special day. Moreover, it is nothing but a tradition to gift the bridesmaid and groomsmen some gifts as the token of appreciation and thanks. Gifting exclusive gifts to the groomsmen means you are showing your love and gratitude towards their efforts and hard work. It is essential that you choose such gifts with proper care so that they can remember it throughout the life. Of course, there are general gifts like chocolate boxes and perfume combo pack. However, these types of gifts are more special and should…

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    What’s Hot? The Best Trends to Follow for an Unforgettable Wedding Event in 2018

    Planning for your big day in 2018? We promise you, it’s not too early. Because it’s never too early to start planning for a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life. After all, wedding experts suggest planning begin anywhere from 9 to 12 months in advance for a well-orchestrated event. Not your day to say “I Do”? Maybe you have been appointed the maid of honor for a bestie’s wedding day, and some of the planning has fallen on you? Whether you’re the bride to be, or another invested party, looking for wedding inspiration can leave one spinning in one place. Why? There is both too much to…

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    Rustic Wedding Planning: Special Guide for Dummies

    Every girl dreams about the beautiful wedding ceremony, and nowadays, couples can use different ideas to make their weddings unique and memorable. There are many ways to organize a great party instead of a boring classic ceremony. For example, destination weddings and rustic wedding ideas are one of them, and they become increasingly popular in different countries. Indeed, wedding in a country style is not only funny but also wonderful because you will spend the whole day outdoors surrounded by your friends and family. What can be better? However, there are many country wedding ideas, but you should understand that this ceremony needs planning as well as other types of…

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    We Got the Best Wedding Photographer for our Daughter’s Wedding at UrbanClap

    What can be more mesmerising for the Indian parents than their daughter’s wedding? Like millions of other parents, we also dreamt of everything possible we can do or organize for our daughter’s wedding. Samiksha, being the eldest daughter in our family was the first one who was getting married among all the youngsters. Every single person in our giant joint family was as happy as we were. Everyone was busy organizing the things for the various ceremonies lined up. After all, it was a big fat Indian wedding of a rich Punjabi family. We couldn’t have even thought of missing a single thing during the preparations. But, a lot of…

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    Wedding Preparations – What to Pay Attention to?

    There is no shadow of doubt that a wedding is one of the most long-awaited events in the life of each couple. This day is associated with many dreams, expectations, exciting moments, and impressions. No surprise that newlyweds try to do everything to make it a real fairy tale. In order not to forget anything and make a wedding ceremony pass off without a hitch, it is necessary to plan everything beforehand and note every detail. Therefore, we have prepared some useful tips that will help you with your wedding preparations. Tip №1 Set up a notebook to record all the necessary information about your wedding planning, with all the…