• Axe Wood
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    How Axe Throwing Lessons for Teens Lay Roots in the Community

    Over the past ten years, axe throwing leagues have been opening up across Canada, especially in the GTA. For the most part, they’ve been adult-only venues, but some of them are now opening up lessons for teens. It’s an amateur sport that only recently grew out of its origins in people’s backyards and sheds, and its players and organizers have deep roots in their own communities. Many are involved in charity fundraising for pick-up leagues, arts festivals, Sick Kids, Children’s Wish, food banks, and dozens of other good causes. Besides fundraising, axe throwing is at the centre of its own unique community. Many use it to unwind after work, meet…

  • Construction Truck
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    The 6 Weirdest Things Ever Found on a Construction Site

    Construction happens all over the world on a daily basis, so it’s simply a matter of odds that we’ll uncover some unexpected — and sometimes downright bizarre — findings along the way. Here are six of the strangest examples I could find: A Rude Awakening Every once in a while, humankind receives a much-needed reminder that Mother Nature owns this planet — not us. Such was the case earlier in 2015 when workers in British Columbia unearthed an estimated 500 hibernating garter snakes. Work was halted on the under-construction dike while the snakes were collected in boxes and buckets to be delivered to Vancouver’s Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia. Linda…

  • Poker Casino

    Winning at Casino Games According to the Movies

    The modern generation relies heavily on videos, they watch them, they make them, they edit them, but can they learn from them? More specifically can they learn something properly, like how to play poker and win? In the interest of science I thought I should give this a try. The most common casino games in movies turns out to be poker. From Rounders to Casino Royale, Maverick to Ocean’s 11 and so many other films we have gotten to see some playing. Is it enough to teach you to play or to win? Hard to say since few show more than a few hands and usually the hands they do…

  • Soda Cans

    Another Great Reason to Give Up Soda

    In caring for our health, we always try to make the best decisions for our bodies. For many, this involves making the choice to cut out some of the least healthy food and drink options including those that are high in sugars and high fructose corn syrup. One primary target for both those training for major athletic events and those hoping to simply lose a few pounds is sugary drinks such as soda. And suddenly there are way more reasons to give up soda than just dropping a few pounds. Sugary Drink Risks A recent study from the American Heart Association’s Journal, Circulation, found that the consumption of sugary soda,…

  • Library photo by Timetrax23. License: CC BY-SA 2.0.

    5 Reasons Libraries Aren’t Dead Yet

    With the development of modern technology and nearly everyone using search engines such as Google to find information, it is surprising to walk down the street and find that the local library still remains open to the public for use. We tend to think of libraries solely as a center for books and encyclopedias from which we can spend hours doing research that may only take us minutes online. Although this position does have some level of merit, it is most certainly an outdated one. In many places, libraries have evolved and are even thriving. Information Powerhouses Rutgers University’s Library and Information Sciences professor, Marc Aronson, said of librarians that…

  • Amazake. Photo by Bex Walton. License: CC BY 2.0.

    7 Unusual Alcohols You Might Regret Trying

    1. Amazake Although the alcohol percentage of this Japanese drink is low, it doesn’t make it any easier to imbibe. White, thick and with an aftertaste – this is one highly suspicious-looking liquid. Like many Asian alcohols, it’s made from rice, though in this case it often feels like the rice has barely disintegrated and you’re in fact drinking a slightly more watery tin of rice pudding. It can be quite difficult to find outside of Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores. To be all the more Japanese about it, drink it hot on a winter’s evening. 2. Kvas Like most Russian beverages, Kvas is pretty lethal. The taste and colour…

  • Bats Flying Dogs

    5 Diseases Spread by Bats

    Bats are very extraordinary creatures. They are the only known flying mammal and one of only a few creatures on the planet to successfully use echolocation to hunt for their food. Bats are also hugely beneficial to humans in that they contribute to both pest control and pollination. The US Geological Survey estimates that bats save the US agricultural industry nearly $3 billion per year in pest management needs. There is no doubt about it, bats are amazing contributors to society. However, it is important to remember that they are also one of the most well-known disease vectors out there. Here is a short list of some viruses that have…

  • Treasure Map

    Unusual Valentine’s Day Adventure Ideas

    Ideas for all – from the tight fisted romantic to the inspiration-dry eccentric aristocrat. Need to treat your special someone, but sick of money-grabbing restaurant chains upping prices and threatening to bring your bank balance back to its student days all for a dodgy steak and chocolate brownie? Or sick of everyone else swanning off to Paris whilst you burn the three course M+S meal deal you invested so much hope in? Read our tips for doing Valentine’s Day so wildly differently that the word ‘Tiffanys’, ‘Michelin star’ and ‘roses’ won’t even get a look in. Under £20: A Treasure Hunt This one’s a big effort; but well worth it…

  • Cheese Rolling Festival. Photo by Dave Farrance. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.
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    The World’s Weirdest Festivals

    The Cheese Rolling Festival Every year in the West Country one very unusual annual festival takes place. The cheese rolling festival of Cooper’s Hill is infamous for its sheer inexplicable concept, and involves a wheel of cheese battling humans to the bottom of the hill. The small cheese wheel is usually much faster than the rolling, running and falling humans who arrive at the bottom in various states of injury. The fastest person to arrive at the finish line, however, receives the wheel of cheese to take home. There are several races, which are separated by category (men/women/children). Gloucestershire is as difficult to pronounce as it is to spell (try…

  • Beer Sampler

    Avoid these Rookie Mistakes in Homebrewing

    Photo by Quinn Dombrowski. Starting producing your own beer can be an incredibly amusing process. First of all, you will be pleased with yourself, since you have started learning a completely new skill. This is a very important side of homebrewing, since many middle-aged people have difficulties finding something constructive to do beside their work. That is why this skill will help you gain a little bit of self-confidence. Secondly, making your own beer will improve your reputation among colleagues at work and friends. Just imagine how you would react if you knew a person who has started making his or her own beer or wine. You will certainly have more respect…