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    I'm now officially done with all that college work. The semester is finally over! :) Therefore I will be able to write more regularly. I will bring back all the weekly series that I couldn't keep up with during the end of semester exam period. So now, other than the "Weekly Stargazing Calendar", there will also be the "Astronomy Picture of the Week" and the "Follow Friday & Weekly Stumbles" series and possibly more.

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    An Artist’s Vision of a Future Colony on the Moon

    Some time ago, I posted an image of the Copernicus Crater for the Astronomy Picture of the Week. Now I stumbled upon an amazing painting by Marshal T. Savage depicting his vision of a future colony on the Moon. It’s the same Copernicus Crater, except it’s domed over and terraformed to create an ecosphere. At first I thought that this was really cool, but it would be impossible to build such a gigantic structure. (The crater has a diameter of 93 kilometers!) However after giving it some thought I changed my mind. If it was built with a material strong enough like carbon nanotubes, it could in theory be built. While…