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    Corporate Cheer – 6 Sensational Business Gifts for Your Star Clients

    When the money rolls into your bank account month after month, it’s easy to take your clients for granted. You keep providing the service, and they will keep paying for it. Sometimes, it’s when they cut ties that you realize you could have done it much, much better. Look after your clients, and they will look after you. One corporate gift giving can play a pivotal role in forging strong client relationships. Here are a few gift ideas to sweeten the deal: Branded Merchandise Very few gifts benefit the recipient as much as the buyer, but that’s what’s on the table with branded corporate gifts. You spend a little bit…

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    Personal Touch – 5 Secrets to Creating Lasting Business Relationships

    Lasting business relationships are necessary if you want to succeed. You want to be the first person your colleagues think of when they need the job done. But how do you build a business relationship that can stand the test of time? With these five, simple steps you’ll find it’s easier than you thought. Remember Birthdays Remembering someone’s birthday is an effective way to show that you acknowledge him or her. By doing this, your colleague won’t feel like a face among many but like an individual who is an asset to the group. It also shows you care about them because you’re capable of remembering personal details. Consider purchasing…

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    What is the Role of a Brand Ambassador and How to Build your Dream Team?

    If you have ever been approached on the sidewalk by a group of branded, fun looking people giving out free samples for a new drink, or been waved down by a truck handing out free products, then you’ve encountered a brand ambassador. Not everyone thinks about the role brand ambassadors play for a company or business, and consumers generally only focus on the thing at hand – the product they are receiving from a promotion. Brand ambassadors are critical in helping promote a product or service, and can really bring in interest and sales in high numbers. What is the Role of a Brand Ambassador? Brand ambassadors can come in…

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    How To Increase Your Web Traffic – Without Knowing SEO

    SEO is a wonderful way of increasing your traffic – but it certainly isn’t the only way. It’s good news for any business owner out there who doesn’t have the knowledge they need to rank high in the search engines. If this sounds like you, I would always recommend finding a reliable and reputable SEO professional to work with, of course. But, while you are waiting, you don’t have to leave your website hidden away. Here are some simple ideas you can use to increase the visitors to your site – take a look and see what you think. Use the media Got something interesting to say about your industry,…

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    How the Glass Ceiling Is Choking the PR Sector

    The public relations industry seems to be dominated by women, as anyone who’s worked with (or within) a PR firm surely knows. But appearances can be deceiving. According to an incisive Quartz report, the PR business has a pernicious glass ceiling that’s only just showing signs of cracking. The problem has long been on industry leaders’ collective radar. PR’s relative handful of women CEOs, presidents and principals feels it particularly acutely. Those fortunate enough to have ascended to the pinnacle of their discipline are all too aware of the challenge facing their younger peers — and painfully disappointed in the institutional impediments to their ascent. “I was blessed to find…

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    How to Enhance the Beauty and Functionality of Your Office Exterior

    Why do we wear official clothes to work? Why do authors use pseudonyms? Why do celebrities wear makeup? The answers to these questions are all the same and downright simple – appearance matters! In our current society, regardless of our values and motives, it is our looks and behavior that defines who we are. This importance of appearance and its influence on society plays a significant role in the corporate world. The exterior looks of your organization, i.e. its physical space, can affect your customer’s attitude towards your business. Thus, it is important for you to ensure that the exterior is appealing at all times. The following are some means…

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    Mistakes Everyone Makes At A Business Launch – And How To Avoid Them

    Competition in business is fiercer than ever. It’s a cut-throat industry and if you’re new in town, you need a launch that rocks. You want everyone to be talking about your event – and your business – long after the launch is over. In spite of what might be weeks or even months of preparation, many people continue to make the same mistakes. You can only ever make one first impression, and the impression you make in business can follow your company for years. With some creative preparation, and a thorough awareness of your audience, you can throw a business launch that sets you on the path to success. Mistake…

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    Funding 101 for Small Businesses

    Transforming your steady-state startup into a transformational company is accomplished by addressing a need in an innovative way, whether that's doing it cheaper, better, or totally different than what we know. Your metamorphic goals for the industry, while necessary, awe-inspiring, and perfect; require funding to launch on a larger scale.