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  • Plasma Ball

    String Theory in Simple Words

    The biggest dilemma of Einstein’s life represents the search of a unified theory. Scientists all over the world are currently engrossed in the quest of a unified theory where we unify all the laws of physics, be it Quantum mechanics or the Classical physics: all the laws collated in one single framework which could predict anything and everything. Currently, we have multiple theories and suggestions for the unified theory but the very promising and compelling one is “the string theory.”

  • Quantum Molecules

    Quantum Molecules Are a Possibility, Shows a New Study by Physicists at the University of Chicago

    Physicists have always wanted to influence and control quantum molecules for success in doing so would result in technology feats like earthquake sensors which can change our lifestyle for the better. It had been a long-sought dream of atomic physicists to bring multiple molecules together in a single quantum state and researchers at the University of Chicago succeeded in doing so. Scientists at the University of Chicago just published a paper on April 28th in Nature, which states a methodology used to bring multiple molecules together in a single quantum state. This success opens doors to many more discoveries and progression in the field of quantum physics. “People have been…

  • Background Cosmic Radiation image courtesy of NASA.

    Origin of Our Universe – Gravitational Waves and Cosmic Inflation

    Cosmology is confusing, yet extremely interesting! Before we get deeper, we actually got the picture of our universe 380,000 years after the Big Bang. Wondering where did we get this baby picture of our universe? Let’s talk from the start. Our universe 380,000 years after the Big Bang was so hot that all the subatomic particles like protons, electrons were in a state of plasma moving randomly, even light passing through, was scattered or absorbed, which means the whole universe was opaque. After 380,000 years when the universe has cooled and expanded, the electrons and protons combined and formed hydrogen atoms. So finally after moving randomly for 380,000 years, the…