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    How to Maintain Healthy Habits on the Weekend

    Weekends are fun. They allow people the chance to unwind and kick back with friends and family after a long five days at work. However, weekend activities can also disrupt good health habits. Indeed, many individuals struggle to stick to their diet and exercise routine on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If any of that sounds familiar, then this blog is for you. Here’s how to have fun on the weekends without ruining your fitness progress. Get Quality Rest Just because you don’t have to wake up for work on Saturday morning, it doesn’t mean you should break your sleep schedule on Friday night. Quality rest is essential to your overall…

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    Update About Swine Flu

    So far, over 2000 people have been infected by the Swine Flu virus, most of which were in North America (mainly Mexico, followed by the United States). It is hard to say, due to the flow of different and often contradicting information, but most likely 149 people have died, as of April 28, morning. Now the question is if more people are actually infected than the reported numbers. It could be very likely that even up to a few million people are currently infected, but only the most critical cases make it to the hospitals (and thus are known to us). This could be possible, since health care isn’t really…

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    Swine Flu Spreads panic over the Internet

    The recent spreading of the deadly Swine Flu has started a wave of panic in the media. The Internet isn’t different in that matter. In fact the Swine Flu is currently the top trending topic on the micro-blogging service Twitter. It is also one of the most searched keyword on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. For example “Swine Flu Ohio” is the 27th most popular search keyword on Google. As for the blogosphere, the keyword “Swine Flu” has been indexed on almost 2800 blogs all over the Internet, as of April 26. This is expected to continue to increase as more people get infected. The flu, which originated…

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    Underwater Dwellings: H2Ome and The Poseidon Resort

    U.S. Submarine Structures LLC is the company that designed both H2Ome and the Poseidon Resort. H2Ome is the world’s first sea-floor private residence while the Poseidon Resort is the first sea-floor hotel. The Poseidon Resort is located underwater on the sea-floor inside a Fijian lagoon. The pressure at the sea-floor is equivalent to one atmosphere, so the structures are strong enough, yet not really massive. Also this depth enables sunlight to reach the resort’s huge windows, giving a magnificent view on the sea and it’s life-forms. This would be the dream hotel! As for H2Ome, it is very similar to the Poseidon Resort (also under a one atmosphere pressure) but…

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    13-year-old boy accused of robbing Illinois bank

    A 13-year-old boy was accused of robbing a bank in Peoria, Illinois, after being caught in a nearby garage about half an hour after the incident with his hands stained red by a dye pack that had been placed in the bag of money. If tried as an adult he would face up to 30 years in prison. Read more: 13-year-old boy accused of robbing Illinois bank