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  • What Are Servers How Do They Work

    What Are Servers & How Do They Work?

    Have you at any point pondered about the components that deliver the webpages to you? Odds are you are sitting at a computer at the present time, seeing this page in a browser. In the event that you've at any point been interested about the procedure, or have ever needed to know a portion of the particular components that enables you to surf the Internet, read on.

  • PHP Build Websites

    Is PHP Still Relevant to Build Websites in 2023?

    PHP remains relevant in 2023 for web development. With performance improvements, integration with other technologies, modern development practices, security focus, AI/ML integration, serverless architecture, growth of frameworks, microservices, DevOps adoption, and integration with emerging web technologies, PHP offers a fruitful future for web applications.

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    Health Literacy,  Internet

    What is an Internet Addiction?

    Internet Addiction Disorder, or Problematic Internet Use, affects daily life, work, and relationships. While not officially recognized as a disorder, it is a growing concern. Excessive online activities can lead to isolation, financial issues, and relationship difficulties. Standardized diagnosis is lacking, resulting in varying prevalence rates. Further research is needed.

  • Senior Phone

    Teaching Technology: Why We Need to Break down the Digital Divide Between Generations

    We all know someone who has struggled to get to grips with technology. The early 90’s saw a technology boom, meaning that most people who were brought up in this generation were surrounded by technology in their everyday lives. This equally applies to those born after the year 2000, when iPads, tablets, and smartphones became commonplace. 1. A digital divide The digital divide is a problem for people of all ages in terms of social and economic inequalities. Although once it was due to financial inequalities disabling the access to technology, it has now shifted towards a knowledge gap. Once connected to their devices, the information presented to them instantly…

  • Old Computer

    A Brief History of the Internet

    Remember dial-up internet? While we look at it today as an ancient concept, dial-up Internet was a significant step forward in a series of internet services that have contributed to what the internet is today — terrible screeching and all. While we all enjoy our smartphones, computers, and even reading this post, it is easy to overlook the series of technical achievements that provide us with these conveniences.

  • Social Media Marketing

    How to Integrate Audience Intent into Your Content Strategy

    One of the best things about content is that it’s so versatile you can use it to achieve pretty much any digital marketing goal. Good content can increase engagement. It can grab attention, generate leads, boost conversion rates, influence purchase intent. Not for nothing, but marketers would also say that it can deliver a nice return on investment. If you want your content to do all of that, you have little room to make mistakes. According to Jason Valasek, the CEO of CloudLGS, marketers often forget for whom they are creating content. “When writing content for people first identify the intent you are trying to solve for. There are 4…