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Interior Design

  • Moroccan Rugs
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    It’s Rugs and Not Carpets – Facts About Moroccan Rugs

    There is a growing demand for folk art and folk culture among the urban population, and this might be a reason why Moroccan rugs are so popular today. Untrained individuals in faraway remote places of the North African country make the rugs that are beautiful pieces of work in folk art. On analysing the designs that stem from the experiences of the lives of the artisans, we get a glimpse of their psyche. We are pleasantly surprised to discover that the people of yesteryears in the most remote areas were much enlightened and advanced than we thought. This discovery still fascinates the users as well as art historians. The fantastic…

  • Living Room Furniture
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    3 Tips for Displaying Art In Your Home

    Displaying art in your home is a great way to showcase your personal aesthetic while simultaneously creating a space you love and can visually appreciate. However, just because you have a piece of art that you love and want to display doesn’t mean that you know the best way to effectively do this. Especially if you already have a hard time with your interior decor, it can be very intimidating to try and integrate a piece of art with the rest of a room. To help with this, here are three tips for displaying art within your home. Layer Art With Your Other Decor For many people, the art that…

  • Hardwood Floor
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    The Most Popular Types of Flooring

    There are many types of flooring to choose from. The most common reasons for choosing a particular type of flooring are cost and design. The various flooring options each have their own unique features that make them suitable or unfitting for a particular type of setting. Here are the most popular types of flooring as well as their benefits and flaws:

  • Glass Wall Apartment
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    Glass Decorations for Your Home

    When it comes to home decoration, usually everyone goes for the same or similar ideas. When we think of interior design, glass isn’t really the first material that comes to mind. It is more like wood, steel or something along those lines of thinking. When you really think about it, there is no real reason not to consider glass as one of the primary materials for interior design and decoration, except for some misleading, stereotypical misconceptions. One of those misconceptions is that glass is fragile; another is that glass is hard to preserve and clean. The truth of it all is that there are many, many types of glass out…