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  • E-Waste

    Top 5 Ways for Recycling Your E-waste

    We’re living in the era of electronics and gadgets galore, where we don’t think twice before buying the latest and greatest technology. As our hunger for electronics and technology keeps growing, people bid goodbye to their old appliances and gadgets. Have you ever thought what happens to the old when we swap it for the new gadget? Let it be your old smartphone, iPods, microwaves or any other unused device; it makes a huge impact on the environment by introducing e-waste into it. E-waste is something that everyone has to confront in their daily life. More than just trash, this electronic waste can be an environmental and health hazard. Especially…

  • Printed Circuit Board

    What to Look for in a Digital Signal Controller

    While digital signal processing tends to be more common than analog in many devices these days, one notable exception is when a device uses analog sensors and the signal needs to be conditioned for digital processing. For these devices, a digital signal controller is necessary, to connect the analog domain to the digital, but how do you go about selecting the right DSC for your device? There are many considerations, including the cost and availability of the DSC, but before you get to that point, you need to compare a few other key aspects. Floating Point or Fixed Point Arithmetic Digital signal controllers use either fixed or floating point units…

  • Hardware

    Satellite vs. Cable: How to Know What’s Best for You

    The war between cable and satellite television service has always been a particularly brutal one from a corporate standpoint. Both satellite and cable providers do their best to woo potential customers with discounts, incentives and plenty of other benefits. Plenty of advertisements both highlight and mock the inherent deficiencies and drawbacks of each service, an aspect of the cable and satellite war that sometimes ratchets up to ridiculous proportions.