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  • Child Drawing
    Graphic Art

    Arts – The Benefits of Drawing for Kids

    In this day and age of technology and screens which capture the attention of children, it is imperative to draw them away from the virtual world. Keeping them away only for an hour a day, will aid them to develop as holistic individuals who aren't dependent on the digital world for their entertainment. Kids should know that the television, phones and the internet aren't the solution to their almost-perennial boredom and herein lays the importance of art.

  • Love Reverse Text
    Graphic Art

    4 Easy Ways to Print Reverse Text

    The use of reverse text is not new. Many notable writers used this method of writing. It ages back to 17th century and even beyond. It was widely used during era of Ottoman Empire and Pre-Islamic era. Reverse text could be used for various purposes in our daily life. In this article, we will discuss multiple ways to print reverse text.

  • Painting from Photograph
    Graphic Art

    Paintings from Pictures: Establishing the Artistic Vision

    The distinct link between photography and painting has been a subject of discussion since the invention of the former in 1839. Many painting enthusiasts were convinced that photography was putting painting out of business and lamented a loss prematurely. Photographers feared that the painters did not perceive them as serious artists. The two arts have competed over the years, each trying to outdo the other. However, painting and photography are quickly becoming complementary and the artists realize that each can enhance the other. Photography has been elevated as an art by the understanding of painting. Photography was originally focused only on realism which represents the subjects truthfully without artistic conventions…