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    Textbooks Come Alive in Schools

    In today's world of one on one technology, students like to fancy themselves digital experts, hopping from device to device, website to website in an effort to learn and retain new information, demonstrate their growing skill set, and even to assess their knowledge of concepts learned.

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    How Does Education Policy Help Students Focus and Do Their Homework

    Education policies or principles that are used to govern the operations of the systems with a collection of rules and laws. There are different forms of education which run through different educational setting and all of them need to be subject to education policies set by the governing bodies while the schools come up with their own education policy to guide the students in class work and a guide on how writing jobs.

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    What Is the Future for Edtech in India

    Education Technology, or EdTech as it is sometimes called, has the potential to radically improve the depth and reach of global education dissemination. While it may seem that technology has already taken over the world of education, the truth is that it has only begun. This is especially true for countries like India, where disparate and dispersed geographies have long since posed a challenge to educators. EdTech can bypass the challenges of geography, to take quality education to every part of the country. Here are some of the key changed that we can hope to see EdTech make, in the coming years. A shift from standardized learning to adaptive As…

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    Ultimate Secrets to Improve Writing Skills Effectively

    Having creative writing skills and expertise can benefit everyone throughout the whole life because we all write something sometimes in different stages of life. Maybe you are a student who needs to write an essay as your next academic assignment, a small business owner wanting to write a book about your business or a blogger who needs to write appealing blog posts to engage the audience. All these fields of life require enhanced writing skills to write compelling pieces of writing to land success on the way. If you want become a creative writer or just want to improve your writing skills as a student, we want you to go…

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    7 Reasons Why Teachers’ Aides Are Invaluable

    Most teachers consider their aide a lifeline. They are a great resource and the attention they give the students is key to ensuring that their potential is unlocked. There are children who do well with little help, but then there are those who need the understanding and patience of a fully trained, talented and experienced teacher’s aide.

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    6 Online Authoring Tools Guaranteed to Enhance Your E-Learning Content

    E-Learning courses have become a common thing in this era of education. More and more individuals and companies are turning to this method of professional development and it works for both training a full business team or narrowing one’s area of expertise. Because of this, the number of companies that create training material is growing at a rapid pace. It means that competition is becoming tougher and that is why it’s necessary to focus on the quality of your content. Understanding that you and your team should identify those online tools which will enable you to enhance your content from different angles, here are five of them you should surely…

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    Learning Languages Online – What Are the Essential Benefits You Can Reap?

    Online courses are gaining momentum and foreign language online courses are one among the many classes which students are currently enrolling them into. How many times did you think that it’s high time you should learn a new foreign language but then you delayed it just because you didn’t find enough time. Online classes have recently revolutionized the way we learn and study and with the advancement of new technologies, remote learning is also becoming effective and easier. If budget, time and resource constraints have kept you from achieving your dream of learning a foreign language in the past. Take a look at the few valid reasons for learning a…

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    Becoming The Best Educator You Can Be

    Teaching is a tough gig. No matter if you’re the head of a faculty, a teacher or a teaching assistant, being responsible for the training of young and eager people is difficult no matter which way you look at it. Varying competency levels and even more varied personality types permeate your classroom, and this means you have to vary your approach depending on the children you work with.

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    Is the Digital Age Reinventing Education?

    The online learning platform GoConqr analyses how online tools can be an excellent complement to classes and help teachers manage their resources more effectively More schools and universities are introducing technological developments in their classrooms and adapting to the digital age of the 21st century. This may be a logical evolution but it has aroused misgivings among some teachers provoking controversies about the true relevance of these tools to the learning process. Do they hurt or benefit the dynamics of the classroom? To what extent can  or should education change? These issues have been open for discussion for some time and in recent years the positions have been diversified among…