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  • Squirrel

    Is Squirrel Girl The Most Powerful Superhero In The Marvel Universe?

    Whether or not you are a comic book enthusiast, sure you have heard of the many goings-on of Marvel superheroes thanks to the current comic book film adaptations. With comic book films always on the minds of Hollywood executives, actors are now used to being asked by reporters if they would like to star in a DC or a Marvel film. Hollywood reporters can't seem to get enough of this question.

  • Avenger Superheroes

    Common Recipe for a Superhero Hit

    Superhero films - there’s something about this genre of movies that keeps us coming back. From Superman to Antman, at any given time during the year there’s (probably) a hero filled blockbuster showing at your local theater. Stories with comic book roots, and already dedicated fan bases seem to take over the big screen yearly with A list casts.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton

    Jurassic Park: Sadly Realistic

    I know, I know—dinosaur fights, Unix systems, rapid breeding, clones that work better, not worse, than designed—it seems far-fetched to call this movie realistic. But the last time I had watched Jurassic Park was before I graduated high school. When I saw previews for the new sequel, I decided it was time to revisit this masterpiece, and realized it was a very different movie than I remembered.