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    How can we calculate sig fig values during math class?

    A scientist can only attain a certain degree of accuracy when measuring anything, restricted either by the instruments used or by their physical nature. The clearest instance is range measurement. Consider how the range of an item passed by tape (in metric units) is being measured. The tape measurement is probably divided into the lowest millimeters. Therefore, you can’t measure more than a millimeter in accuracy. Therefore, if the object moves 57,215,493 mm, we are sure that it moved 57 mm (or, depending on the preference for that situation, 57.7 cm or 0,057 m). This rounding amount is usually OK in such kinds of examples. It would truly be a…

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    4 Easy Ways to Print Reverse Text

    The use of reverse text is not new. Many notable writers used this method of writing. It ages back to 17th century and even beyond. It was widely used during era of Ottoman Empire and Pre-Islamic era. Reverse text could be used for various purposes in our daily life. It can be used to print a reflecting sticker saying ambulance but in reverse text. This is used to notify the drivers who see through back view mirror to move aside and clear the road for ambulance. The reverse text appears justified in back view mirror because of double mirroring. Reverse text is also used to transfer printed text and logo…