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    Enough Is Enough: Determining When a Health Condition is a Disability

    You know the reality. Your health is impacting your ability to live life as you once did. Your capacity to work, to be productive, has deteriorated. And that’s a frightening reality, especially when you have yourself and your family to support. Being formally and legally declared “disabled” can be a difficult step to take. There are not only the legal hurdles to clear, but there’s also the simple reality that life will change, particularly if your health requires you to stop working. Seeking formal, legal status as a person with a disability, however, can be a tremendous benefit. You’ll enjoy specific legal protections under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).…

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    Injuries Involving Wheelchairs, Hospital Beds, and Patient Lifts

    It’s not uncommon for illness or injury to result in patients requiring wheelchairs, lifts, or specialized hospital beds. However, most people don’t realize that using these aids can actually result in new injuries. For example, defective wheelchairs can lead to lacerations, head injuries, rotator cuff tears, and even broken bones and spinal cord injuries. Similarly, patient lifts can lead to serious accidents if medical professionals are using the wrong sling or attaching the sling incorrectly.

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    How to Find the Right Walking Aid for You

    Walking aids give the gift of independence. All walking aids offer some level of support and balance, but it’s important to find a device that meets your needs without hindering or harming your natural mobility. Your physician or physical therapist can make recommendations on which walking aid is right for you. But you may also want to consider the following when choosing a device: Understand the Most Common Types of Walking Aids There are three main types of walking aids. Rollators: One of the most popular walking aids, a rollator is a wheeled walker with seats and hand brakes. A rollator offers a high level of stability, is very easy…

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    5 Tips to Troubleshooting a Power Problem With Your Electric Wheelchair

    An electric wheelchair is an essential tool for those with limited mobility. That’s why it is important that it be given the proper care. While there is no doubt that the function of an electric wheelchair deteriorates over time, proper maintenance and care can have it serving the user for many years to come. Some wheelchairs, such as the KD heavy duty Smartchair can take the wear and tear easily, but for others, you need to always be aware of the problems electric wheelchairs may face. An electric wheelchair has some common problems but it seems that most of the problem centers on power. An electric wheelchair functions due to…

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    Here’s How New Auto Technology Helps the Disabled Take to the Roads

    Millions of people in the U.S. live with some type of disability. But having a disability does not mean driving a vehicle is out of the question. Vehicle modifications and models equipped with adaptive apparatus are opening up driving possibilities for many. If you or a family member has a disability, here’s what you need to know about driving and how to adapt a vehicle to fit your needs. The Vehicle in Question New cars are being built with technologically advanced safety equipment to stop accidents before they happen. That’s good news for all types of drivers from teen to the disabled. But, depending on the disability, a disabled driver…

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    Top 5 Structural Changes in Eyes Associated with Old Age

    Your sight is a common sense until you lose it. When you are young and healthy, thoughts of losing your sight or having imperfect sight hardly, ever, cross your mind. However, as you grow older, you will begin to experience changes in your vision. Old age is golden, yet, the aging process weakens most of your body organs and parts. Unfortunately, your eyes aren’t left out in the process. The following structural changes will be felt in your eyes as you grow older: 1. Vitreous detachment Vitreous refers to a gel-like substance responsible for your eyes’ almond shape. Millions of intertwined fine fibers make up the vitreous and are attached…

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    Five Factors to Consider When Inspecting Assisted Living Facilities

    Identifying the assisted living facility that is just right for your loved one is definitely the most important decision that you can make after determining that the senior family member would be better off there than at home. You should never opt for any assisted living facility just on the basis of its website or other internet promotion, though getting the opinions of others on the Web is also important. Make sure that you personally visit each and every assisted living facility that you have made a shortlist of and carefully check out the quality of care that can be delivered to your loved one. Some important considerations: