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    When, Why and How You Should Stand Up for Yourself

    Too many of us are guilty of neglecting to stand up or ourselves. We don't want to cause a fuss, or we're afraid of creating conflict. However, sometimes the conflict already exists, and someone needs to push back against it. Other times, you could end up bottling something up until it all comes out at once. It could lead to a bigger problem than if you had stood up for yourself in the first place.

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    Four Steps to Starting a Business in France

    Setting up your own business, no matter what it is, can be a daunting prospect. But doing this in France, where complicated bureaucratic forms in French are enough to scare off even the most determined entrepreneur, is many times more intimidating! To help you get started, here are four key elements to keep in mind when starting a business in France: 1. Find your niche When setting up a business abroad, you’ll face a number of concrete obstacles compared with local entrepreneurs. The language can present a significant barrier, not just for legal and other formal procedures (discussed in detail below), but also in terms of building business connections. To…

  • Unemployment
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    5 Things You Can Do If You Were Released from Your Job

    Being employed does not guarantee you permanent placement unless a bargaining agreement or employment contract covers you. If not, the employer can fire you at will. Your employer can release you with a valid reason, for example, if you breached company policy. This painful to a worker, knowing that they just lost their income. This is not the end of your career, so instead of panicking and stressing, you need a recovery strategy.

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    What Does ADA Compliance Mean For Digital Business?

    Does your business have to deal with regulatory compliance? If you don’t already, you might soon have to. Sometimes these regulations are set forth to protect third-party information, from credit card data to personal health information. With the rise of cybersecurity breaches across all industries, mentions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have risen, with Duquesne University indicating that HIPAA’s “primary area of concern in 2017 has been data security.” Other times these regulations protect third parties from unfair treatment. Title IX, for example, which was signed into law in 1972, states that “no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded…