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  • Dog Grooming Bath

    From Shampooing to Styling: A Comprehensive Guide to Online Dog Grooming Courses

    In recent years, the world of dog grooming has experienced a significant shift towards online education. This article aims to provide a detailed guide to online dog grooming courses, focusing on everything from shampooing techniques to professional styling. Whether you're a dog owner looking to groom your furry friend or aspiring to become a professional dog groomer, these courses can offer valuable knowledge and skills.

  • Puppy Dog On Leash Walking

    Choosing the Right Dog for Your Family

    Having a dog in the family is a good addition. Trust me it is! Every family will always have space for, you know, that one more guest and the lucky families will be the ones getting a dog, rather than a snake maybe. Now you don’t just get to choose the dog for your family at random. It will take not only keen and close observation but it will also have to put into consideration what kind of people you are.

  • Different Dogs Breeds Collage

    Advantages Of DNA Tests For Dogs

    Many dog owners own cross breeds and do not know the exact breed of the dog. There are others who own dogs which they have rescued or adopted from dog shelters etc. These people also do not know the exact breed of their dog. To cater to this market DNA tests for dogs was introduced. Now there are many tests available for dogs in the market. With the help of these tests you as a dog owner can learn a lot about your dogs.

  • Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Stenella Plagiodon

    What Do Dolphins Eat?

    Dolphins are very intelligent creatures and seem to be well loved by humans. The amazing aquatic mammal has many qualities that have been fascinating mankind for centuries. Dolphins are curious creatures known to make strong bonds within their pod and apart from that, they are also known to help humans in variety of ways like fishing and rescuing.

  • Puppy Joint Dog Supplement

    Should You Give Your Dog Joint Supplements?

    Joint care is important for all dogs. As your dog ages, wear and tear on joints can cause pain, arthritis, and an overall lack of mobility that can hurt your dog’s quality of life. Joint supplements can also be helpful in serious disorders such as hip dysplasia. Petlab joint care supplements contain many of the same ingredients you find in supplements made for human joint health. Not all medications and supplements that are safe for human consumption are safe for dogs, but the ingredients in the supplements are veterinarian-approved for safety. When to start using joint supplements All dogs, as they age, become prone to arthritis and other joint issues.…

  • Dog Winter Playing

    3 Dog-Friendly Places to Visit This Winter

    When you picture an outdoor adventure with your dog, what do you see? Perhaps a sunny beach day? Or a park in spring? This is what most people would imagine. However, have you ever thought about taking your canine on a vacation in the middle of winter? It’s a time of year when most prefer to say wrapped up warm inside, but why not break that habit and see what this season really has to offer?

  • Animals

    Why You Should Get a Dog

    If you’re considering adding a furry companion to your family, you may as well get a dog. Sure they can be a little hard to maintain at first, but once they get used to the home and they get their schedule down, getting a dog will end up becoming one of the best decisions you ever made. If you’re still not convinced, here are some more reasons why getting a dog is one of the best things for your family.