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    Which Entrepreneurs Need to Fill Out an ITIN Application?

    Many entrepreneurs aspire to start a small business in a country outside of their own. However, to start a business in the United States, you typically need a social security number (SSN) to get started. An individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) is an alternative to an SSN for foreign entrepreneurs who may not meet the requirements to get an SSN. An ITIN will allow you to file income tax returns, start a business in the US, and apply for small business financing. You can learn more about ITIN in this Camino Financial post. Let’s take a look at who needs to fill out an ITIN application and how it can…

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    Planning Ahead – 5 Tips to Help You Create a Financially Secure Retirement

    Most people imagine retirement will be an endless holiday, filled with visits to see friends and family, overseas holidays, and leisurely games of golf. However, many have little to no savings and no plan to build a retirement nest egg that will allow them to make this dream a reality. With life expectancy higher than ever, most Americans should have two decades to enjoy life without work. This means it’s worth starting your retirement fund planning now so you can comfortably achieve all the goals you have in mind. Here are five tips to get you started. Consider a Self-Managed Super Fund Switching over to a self-managed super fund (SMSF)…

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    The Dollars and Cents of Accountant Liability Insurance

    The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states there are more than 1.3 million accountants throughout America. Accountants are responsible for handling a broad range of very delicate fiscal information and are accountable for preserving sensitive documentation and electronic files. Financial Professionals complete duties such as tax returns, financial audits, and accounting advice for individuals and businesses. As you know, being a successful Accountant requires a high level of care. There are many opportunities for an Accountant to make a critical error. A financial oversight can severely impact a client resulting in a long list of negative outcomes. Damages resulting from an accounting blunder may simply be a hassle of…

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    Ways a Good Accounting Firm Can Help to Grow Your Company

    A common practice among small and medium-sized enterprises is to carry out their business with little accounting help. It is common for top management and other executives of these enterprises to run all the accounting needs without professional assistance. Owing to the limited nature of their budgets especially at the initial stages of business, enlisting professional accounting services may seem like an unnecessary option. However, in the long run, it will help you make substantial savings. Using an accounting firm to cater for your financial needs has several advantages, such as gaining reliable tax and financial management advice from professionals. Here are selected ways through which an accounting firm can…

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    5 Online Resources to Help Run Your Business

    Being a small business owner is no easy feat. After gathering the capital required to launch your company, filing the necessary paperwork to set its wheels in motion, and finally procuring your license to operate, you’re now tasked with making your small business succeed amongst a sea of competition. How do you prove to yourself and others that you have what it takes? One of the best strategies is to take advantage of the abundant amount of online resources available to small business owners such as yourself. Many of these tools and services are free, but if they’re not, they cost significantly less than the expense of hiring someone in-house…

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    Trump Is Pushing for GOP Tax Reform Changes to Slash Corporate Taxes

    The Trump rule is here with its own cornucopia of reforms and regulations. Republicans are now controlling the Chambers of Congress. They have already rolled out many tax reforms and, like always, there is a lot of debate about their pros and cons on the commoner and small business owner. Trump has already pushed for significant last-minute alterations to the GOP tax plans during the first year of its rule.