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    5 Top Swing Trade Strategies

    Some investors don’t want to subject themselves to the volatility of intraday trading but want to still take advantage of short-term price movements. Such investors would benefit from swing trading where they can hold an instrument for a day or a few weeks. With this kind of investment, you take smaller gains, cut losses quicker, and hold stocks for shorter time frames. For swing trading to work for you, you use technical analysis to get a picture of the trends in the market. When you dive into swing trading, there are strategies that can increase your success rates. From our expert view, we’ve highlighted simple but effective swing trading strategies…

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    How Do You Hire an Economic Consultant

    Economic consultants can assist in a wide range of capacities, often being called upon as experts in complex litigation matters, although economic consulting goes far beyond this type of support. It can be extremely beneficial for bringing key insight into complex economic and financial situations via critical analysis and research services, helping businesses come up with the best strategies for successes or weathering a storm during a challenging economic climate. The question is, how do you go about hiring an economic consultant with the expertise your company needs? Define Your Goals Before searching for a consultant, you need to understand your goals, defining them based on what you hope to…