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    The Best Ways to Get Noticed as a Man

    The basics are always the same… shower, shine and shave. But the details are more notable. The varying products available to make this easy is overwhelming, but again the less is more factor just comes back to basic sense. A quick to do list before heading out to whatever the event of the day/evening happens to be can be critical. Where is it said that a suit and tie are required for an evening out or even for the office these days. Depending on what you do for a living or where you are attending an event let your style vary. What needs to be consistent is the fit and…

  • Chaos Dorm Room
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    5 Things Every College Dorm Needs

    So, the time has come for you to step things up a notch in terms of academic achievement and independence. As a freshman, your dorm room will be your home and base for the next two semesters and it’s important that you furnish it with the right stuff. Today we’ll be looking at 5 things that you will need for your dorm room to make your life as easy as possible. Bed risers with USB ports and outlets After a marathon study session (or party session), nothing beats relaxing on your bed with your phone. These bed risers lift your bed, making it possible to store bigger things underneath. It…

  • Colors Painting Walls
    Interior Design

    How Color Affects Home Décor

    Variety is the spice of life. Color is one major way of providing that variety. This is particularly true when speaking of home décor. It’s true that many homes are staged with neutral wall colors, like white or earth tones. But there are ways to provide some variety in your home, according to your personal taste. Much research has been done on the impact of color in our lives, particularly our moods. The way you decorate your home shows reflections of a mood you create in each room. So we’ll connect the dots in this article, and show the role of color in decorating. The Interaction of Color There are…

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    How to Find the Best Rates on Your Commercial Real Estate Loan

    Commercial real estate loans represent mortgages that are secured by a lender on a commercial property and their rates can vary between 4% and 30%. Having this in mind, you’ll understand how important it is to do everything in your power to get the best possible loan deal. In order to help you out with this complex issue, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of some useful advice on this topic. Let’s see what we can do and get down to work. Prepare all the necessary documents If you want your potential lender to take you seriously, before you even apply for a commercial real estate loan, make sure to prepare…

  • Electric Car Charging Station
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    Going Green: 5 Things to Do Before Getting an Electric Vehicle

    There are a number of vehicle choices on today’s market, from economy cars to hybrids and even fully electric vehicles. While fully electric vehicles are fantastic both for you and for the environment, it is not just as simple as buying a new car and driving it home. To really be prepared for a fully electric vehicle you need to take some important steps too. Some of those steps will depend on the brand and model of vehicle you are purchasing. Here are five things you need to do before you purchase an electric vehicle. Get a Home Charger Obviously if you are going to drive a fully electric vehicle,…

  • Truck Transport
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    6 Benefits of Commercial Truck Leasing

    In today’s economy, it’s cheaper to lease a truck than buy one. This is due to a few key reasons. One of which is the fact that, after the Crash Of 2008, banks and other certified lending agencies are far less reluctant to give out big loans. If you want to purchase a couple of good trucks - or a fleet of them - it’s going to cost you quite a bit of cash.

  • Maldives Beach
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    College Student’s Guide to Spending the Summer Abroad

    School’s out for the summer. Woohoo! Now what? You could spend the summer like you have your entire life or you can venture out. Your college years are the perfect time to get out and travel. Budget can be a serious drawback, but we’ve got you covered. We will take a look at how to save money and make money while traveling abroad. How to Save Money If you have been living in the dorms, you are about to find yourself without a place to stay. If you have been renting a place, your lease is probably up. That’s great news. Pack up everything  you have and take it to…

  • Teddy Bear Mother Day
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    Mother’s Day Gifts by Age

    The different stages of motherhood come with different challenges and paces of life. When you are choosing a gift for your mother, think about what stage she’s in. Does she have small children? Have all of the children left the home? Those different stages come with many different wants and needs. Moms of little ones It’s no secret that mothers of young children have it rough. Tending to the needs of a child every minute of the day can be exhausting. By dinner time she is worn out. What to make for dinner? Does she have all of the ingredients to make it? Meal prepped delivery subscriptions like HelloFresh and…