• Hacker Criminal
    Computer,  Internet,  Security

    Fallout: The Consequences of a Data Breach

    Many organizations collect sensitive data and are responsible for appropriately protecting it. With new regulations like the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the definitions of personal data have been greatly expanded, and the financial impacts of a data breach for an organization are significant.

  • Medical Doctor
    Medical Technology

    Medical 101: How to Find the Perfect Supplier

    Whether you work for a large organisation in the health care industry, are part of a small team gallantly delivering excellent service in your community, or are even a one-man band, you're going to need medical supplies. But, when the stakes couldn't be higher (the medical industry is a sector that's heavily regulated and controlled – and rightly so), good quality and complete sterility is essential. So, how should you choose your supplier? Here's a few tips…

  • Golf Morning Haze Portugal Algarve

    The Golf Lover’s Guide To Portugal

    If you’re more of a putter than a lounger, this golf lover’s guide to Portugal should have plenty of inspiration for you when you head to the sunny destination with your clubs in tow. Here are the best resorts and hotels in the country, perfect to visit whether you’re just heading abroad to get away from it all or if you’re doing something more exciting such as searching for property in Vilmoura, offering all the green you could need (as well as a nice pool for the rest of the family to enjoy while you’re off playing a round or two). The three best resorts to consider: Vidago Palace, Vidago…

  • Marketing New Product

    Don’t Get Lost In The Digital Age, Offline Marketing Is Still Important!

    It can be easy to lose sight of things in the digital age as we turn to social media platforms and on page content to market businesses, rejecting the more traditional methods we once adopted. But it’s important we don’t lose sight of these offline techniques completely because they’re still important when it comes to sharing your product and business with the world. Something as simple as business cards are even being adapted to feature aspects of the digital world, with telephone numbers being swapped for Twitter handles and minimalistic designs in favour of detailed cards. While social media is important now, it’s a good idea to include as much…

  • Production Planning
    Logistics,  Management

    How to Improve Efficency in Your Business

    All companies want to run as efficiently as possible and this is particularly important in order to keep up in the fast-paced world of business. It is also important to improve the efficiency of your business in order to increase the mentality and therefore productivity of your workers. Smiling employees are far more likely to hit targets providing overall benefits back to the business. So, here are a few tips to help you start making your business more efficient: Clear the Clutter A messy, unorganised desk is not the key to a productive worker! Likewise, an overfilled and cluttered office will not make for a happy workforce – employees who…

  • Slippery Sign
    Corporate Law,  Logistics,  Management

    Safety in the Workplace: Have You Done All You Can for Your Small Business?

    Big businesses may be the Hollywood A-listers of the economy - grabbing the headlines with shiny products and services - but small businesses are its real lifeblood, doing the sort of unsung and vital off camera work that keeps the show on the road. In the US alone there are 28 million small businesses employing half of the total workforce.

  • Security Camera Monitor
    Gadget,  Hardware,  Security

    New Technology for Home and Business Security Systems

    In June 2014 figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) stated that there were 434,851 domestic and non-domestic burglaries carried out in the UK in the previous 12 months. These figures do not include burglaries that weren’t reported to the police. Securing your property Many shops and homes are now protecting themselves by fitting modern security systems and roller shutters as sold by stockists. These not only help reduce insurance premiums, but also deter burglars and prevent damage to your home or business. If you are going away on holiday or just closing your premises for the weekend it’s important that you feel you have done everything possible…

  • Biker Motorcycle
    Engineering,  Futurism,  Graphic Design

    First Fully Functioning 3D Printed Bike Unveiled

    There has been much excitement in sunny California recently since it was in this location that the first fully functioning 3D printed motorcycle was unveiled for the world to see. Audiences at the California Tech Fair peered on with open mouths as the curtains dropped and standing before them was a fully working Harley Davidson Softail. This brand is a well-known name and is often depicted as being one of the best motorcycle creations of all time, but what led TE Connectivity to transform this beautiful model into a 3D printed bike? The Creation Process According to Auto Evolution, creating this majestic specimen took 1,000 hours to complete and cost…