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    5 Huge Benefits of Buying Customized Biker T-Shirts

    We use different type of clothing on a regular basis where t-shirts are one of the common parts of our daily wardrobe life. We use them as casual wear, event wear and in most of the cases as uniform in our offices, motorbiking events, and on other occasions. They can be a positive asset when customized with appealing designs, artwork, or any image of our own choice.

  • Social Networking Business
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    Looking at Influencers and Social Media E-Commerce with Brabble Founder, Patrick Mackaronis

    Social media has become a powerhouse method for digital marketers worldwide. The ability to build an international network of followers and subscribers has allowed e-commerce to flourish on a global scale and build a strong market source for digital marketers everywhere. Social marketplaces now facilitate peer-to-peer (P2P) direct sales between users and other users and have in many ways turned the traditional merchant-consumer relationship on its head. One entrepreneur and his team took this idea and refined it in an all-in-one social media platform called Brabble. Brabble was founded in 2013 with a mission of building upon the burgeoning P2P e-commerce community by integrating our sharing culture and social media…

  • Architecture Office Building

    A Building of One’s Own: Extraordinary Liquidity Leads to Big Property Investments by Corporations

    When Alphabet, the parent company of online juggernaut Google, recently agreed to pay $2.4 billion to acquire Chelsea Market in lower Manhattan, it was an eye-popping number for even a goliath like Google to spend on increasing its corporate footprint. Reasons for such an outlay abound. Corporate prestige, for one: As Amazon teases cities all over North America with the prospect of its second headquarters, tantalizing with as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs, Google has sent a clear signal that the sophisticated, worldly urbanity of Manhattan is as on-brand for the company as it gets. Despite its many billions, though, there’s practical purpose underlying Alphabet’s growing Manhattan footprint. And Google…

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    For Estate Lawyers Like Konrad Malik, Including Online Assets Increasingly Significant

    When making estate plans, it’s important for people to consider all their property—and that means their digital property too. With the advent of social media, email, online banking and trading, smartphones and apps, and other innovations that allow everyone to stay connected, perform tasks, create, and work more efficiently, a tremendous amount of data is generated. But, the question is, what happens to your digital assets (your accounts, photos, and information) when you pass away? It’s a question not many people think about when making their estate plans, though, as it’s becoming increasingly clear, it’s a question that is all too important. What’s at stake Konrad Malik, an estate lawyer…

  • Toronto Canada
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    Tech In Toronto: City’s Technology Community Expected to Enjoy Continued Growth

    Often, when people think of technology — and innovation in the field of technology — they think of Silicon Valley. And that makes sense, because the Northern California region continues to be a hub for technology. But some people are now looking further north when it comes to seeking out areas for tech innovation and development, with particular attention being paid to Toronto. In fact, the internet is full of success stories when it comes to tech startups in Toronto. Recently, the Financial Post reported that “the technology sector alone contributed $117 billion to Canada’s GDP in 2015, with 5.6 per cent of all employees working in the field, according…

  • Internet Of Things
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    Surprisingly Few Capitalize on IIoT Potential – the Time to Act Is Now

    For all the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to reshape business as we know it, a troubling proportion of today’s business leaders have not yet seized the day, a new study finds. And that opens the door for those with an aggressive stance on IIoT innovation and investments to advance and set themselves apart from their competitors. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-networking via the Internet of connected or smart devices that contribute information to a database. The IIoT, meanwhile, is how this technology applies to non-consumer applications – for things like quality control, sustainability and supply chain efficiency. By 2020, according to projections by…

  • ISO International Organization For Standardization

    Walking the Quality Talk Through ISO 9001 Certification

    When it comes to values and characteristics that businesses tout to their customers, quality is at the top of the list. But talk is cheap. One way they can prove they’re walking the quality talk is by earning the prestigious ISO 9001 certification. The ISO 9001 is one of the best-known quality standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva. It’s among the ISO’s family of world-class specifications for products, services and systems to ensure quality, safety and efficiency – all of which are critical for facilitating international trade. An organization that earns the ISO 9001 has met a comprehensive and rigorous set of requirements in setting up,…

  • Businessman Real Estate

    Building a Real Estate Practice: How to Make It Financially Between Commissions

    You’re running your own real estate business. The sort of freedom that comes with being your own boss can be very exciting, but the financial challenges involved can be stressful too. For realtors, one of the challenging aspects of maintaining a successful independent real estate practice is the waiting period between when a real estate deal is completed and when a realtor actually gets their commission for the sale. This period is sometimes very long, which can put a real strain on finances, or even slow down other parts of a real estate business, since cash flow that has stalled can put everything else on hold. But, if you are…

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    Much to Look Forward to as Fintech and Banks Continue to Collaborate

    In mid-January this year, Canadian financial institute, Scotiabank, made headlines when they confirmed they would be spending roughly $2.5 billion annually to develop new digital technologies. Approximately 40 percent of the earmarked cash will be spent on initiatives to change the bank or create new ways of banking, One of the main technological focuses of Scotiabank and their annual multi-billion dollar investment will be integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the banking system. Scotiabank is also partnering with Toronto’s Rotman School of Management in September to further their technological investment. “Future partnerships are expected across the bank’s international footprint,” said Scotia Bank CEO, Brian Porter. “We think AI, and machine learning,…

  • Drone Flying Photo by Christopher Michel. License: CC BY 2.0.

    Drones: Meet the Hardworking Robots of the Sky

    Whether it’s lighting up the night sky above the Houston NRG stadium at this year’s Super Bowl or shooting rare video with a bird’s eye perspective, drones seem to be everywhere now. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones as they are more commonly referred to, were also one of the most coveted gifts this past holiday season. While the recreational possibilities offered by this technology are often talked about, drones are also hard working machines that have helped make a number of industries, like the oil and gas industry and security industry, more efficient and safe. One way drones are making it safer for people to do their jobs is in…

  • McDonalds Franchise

    3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Franchise

    For entrepreneurs who want the independence of owning their own business, but may be hesitant about building a brand from scratch, franchising offers the best of both worlds. The right franchising opportunity can be profitable and satisfying for the right entrepreneur, and, add to that, the franchise industry has steadily grown over the last decade. Corporations like McDonald’s, Subway, Tim Hortons and Starbucks are considered industry sure things because their established brands are so strong they offer a high chance of return on investment. There are also smaller franchises that offer profitable returns, but remain more independent than their big name counterparts. Before purchasing a franchise, there are a number…