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    Top 7 Tips on Paw Care for Dogs

    Your dog’s feet were surely made for walking and running. However, did you know that they were also made for protection? Pads normally offer extra cushioning to help protect joints and bones from shock. They also provide insulation against any extreme weather as well as aid in walking on rough surfaces. Pads also offer protection to the tissues deep within the paw. With all this work, no wonder the paws often bear the greatest brunt. With the following paw care tips, your dog will surely have healthy, painless paws: 1. Pamper the paws with pedicures Whenever your dog walks, his or her nails should just touch the ground. If the…

  • Car Towed. Photo by Emran Kassim. License: CC BY 2.0.

    Car Title Loans and Bankruptcy – You Don’t Have to Lose Your Car

    If you are having difficulty paying off your debts and additionally have a car title loan that you need to pay for, there are different ways that you could take advantage of the law so that you can avoid losing your car. If you have a lot of debt that you cannot manage to pay off, filing for bankruptcy may be one option in order to get relief from your debts, including your car title loan. For example, car title loans in San Jose, California usually afford you the flexibility to renegotiate the terms of your car title loan albeit usually at a cost, but the cost may be worth…