• Porsche Mission E Concept Photo by Youkeys. License: CC BY 2.0.
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    Porsche Electric Cars – A Step Forward With The Mission E Concept

    Fabulous car manufacturer Porsche is planning on revolutionizing the auto industry with its latest Mission E concept. By the end of 2020, Porsche will have a fully electric vehicle wandering the streets. The company behind the world’s most innovative and recognizable car designs in the world is stepping into the future at full speed. Earlier this December, Porsche announced that they’re on the verge of making the very first 100% electrically powered car. The official launch is scheduled by the end of 2020. The Mission E concept car The Mission E concept car project has just received a green light, and it looks like the company is aiming at changing…

  • Audi R8
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    How Automotive Technology Is Advancing at a Startling Rate

    Everywhere we look nowadays, we see technology moving forward at an ever-increasing pace. It seems like new phones come out every other week, and technology that even science fiction authors wouldn't have dreamed of sixty years ago is now commonplace. Who would have thought that cars will someday drive themselves? Or that we would have drones flying around and monitoring everything we do?

  • Porsche Mission E Concept Photo by Youkeys. License: CC BY 2.0.
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    How Porsche Is Gunning for Tesla With Its Electric Sports Car

    Tesla is one of the most iconic names when it comes to electric cars, with its Model S being renowned for the technological innovations it incorporates. While electric vehicles were initially oriented towards being as power-efficient as possible, Tesla demonstrated that it’s possible to create a vehicle that’s both power-efficient and fast. With a brutal acceleration that allows it to challenge, and sometimes put to shame, some prestigious supercars, the Model S quickly became the most popular electric car out there, delivering just the perfect mix of usability and performance. However, it appears that supercars are ready to fight back, as Porsche just announced the Porsche Mission E – its…

  • Porsche Cayenne Hybrid. Photo by David Villarreal Fernandez. License: CC BY-SA 2.0.

    Porsche Cayenne S E-hybrid SUV: Features and Technology

    Plug in hybrids are on the increase. In 2010 Chevrolet launched the Volt at approximately the same time as the first Porsche Cayenne hybrid. Now the majority of car manufacturers have at least one plug-in hybrid. With the release of the 2015 Cayenne S E-hybrid plug-in Porsche will now have three of these vehicles available to the public; more than any other automobile manufacturer. The company has been releasing beautiful models over the years; however, it managed to stay true to one model in terms of design, the 911. Even the bulkiest SUVs from Porsche have something in their exterior design that remind of the classic, and we certainly appreciate…

  • Electric Car Plug
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    Top 10 Car Techs that Rock

    Car tech is off to a great year, as demonstrated by the abundance of new car tech displayed at CES 2015. While there may be some aces in the sleeves of the manufacturers, we already have a pretty good picture of the tech that will rock. Here are the top 10 car techs to look forward to this year. 1. Electric Vehicles Sure, we already have electric vehicles, but there’s always room for more. Even though Tesla’s more affordable model is only scheduled to hit the markets in 2016 or 2017, we’re sure we will be seeing other electric vehicles being unveiled this year. Electric cars have tons of advantages…

  • Porsche 911 GT3. Photo by Axion23. License: CC BY 2.0.
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    Porsche’s Hybrid Technology: Check What’s in the New 911

    Porsche has a long history of high performance cars. They deliver the best in speed, technology and comfort to the discerning buyer. On the surface, these sorts of cars do not appear to blend with the push towards more economic and alternative forms of motoring. The idea of a plug in hybrid 911 has been mentioned several times in recent years but nothing further has happened – until now. For the first time Matthias Muller, the boss of Porsche, is interested in the concept, although it is clear that it will not become a production car for some years yet. The possibility Porsche has admitted that it is possible to…

  • Porsche 911
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    Porsche Is Upgrading Classic Cars by Providing a New High-tech Navigation System

    Classic cars are usually beautifully crafted creations. They’re often either lovingly restored or maintained from new. Unfortunately, their very nature means that they lack many of the modern day technological advantages which most people take for granted. Porsche has now developed a new system which can be fully integrated into its classic cars. This is classified as any Porsche between ten and fifty years old. This system allows the use of Bluetooth and smart phones just as would be normal in a modern car. Porsche has invested heavily in getting the product right. It has the right balance of functionality combined with a timeless elegance to ensure it fits with…

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    Latest Car Technologies that You Should Have

    Technology is changing so fast that by the time you have purchased the latest gadget it is almost out of date. Our world has shrunk enormously thanks to phones becoming mobile and now smart watches. Social media ensures we can remain in contact with anyone, anywhere in the world at any time. Even our cars are loaded with gadgets, every new or updated model comes with some gadget the previous one did not have. Whilst we may be heading towards fully autonomous cars, there are still plenty that need us to do the driving and the following are some of the best gadgets coming onto the market this year: Autonomous…

  • Concept Car Renault Desir. Photo by Dk58 - Renaud. License: CC BY 2.0.
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    Car Technologies that will Revolutionize the Way You Drive

    Can advanced technology revolutionize the way we drive cars? Absolutely! Luxury auto makers are already working on making vehicles look more like space ships; better yet, soon enough our cars will have the exact same functions as our tablets and smartphones. We can't stop the auto industry from advancing, and as long as the demand for high-tech increases, it's only natural for car brands to want to keep up.