• Legal Advice For Employees In Employment Disputes
    Corporate Law

    Legal Advice for Employees in Employment Disputes

    When you get into a dispute with your employer, you might feel like completely lost. While most people get into serious employment disputes once in their lifetimes, large companies have lawyers that handle a few of these disputes every single week. Your employer is simply in a better position than you. Your company has more experience and of course, resources to handle these claims. And if you haven’t consulted an attorney on the matter, you’re in at a serious disadvantage. Let’s talk about situations where you should seek legal consoling right away. When Should You Contact a Lawyer? Below, we have some situations where we would strongly advise you to…

  • Stay Warm Look Good Packing For Winter Travel In Europe

    Stay Warm, Look Good: Packing for Winter Travel in Europe

    Packing for a European winter trip is almost an art form. You have to pack enough clothes to stay warm, look as best as you can and still keep things light. Needless to say, that sounds almost impossible. However, the key word here is ALMOST. In order to help you pack in one bag, keep warm once you arrive and look good while you’re doing it, here’s a short fail-proof list of items you need to bring on your next trip. Without further ado, let’s start our list:

  • Family Law Technology Tips And Tricks
    Family Law

    5 Family Law Technology Tips and Tricks

    Technology now dictates every part of our lives – and family law is no different. You now have a number of different apps and programs that can help divorce professionals handle their cases and make their work lives much easier in the process. For example, all of us take pictures with our smartphones and post them online. Well, every single picture someone takes contains geotags within the EXIF data that contains a huge deal information a person might not want to share with you, including location, the time picture was taken, etc. But we’ve just scratched the surface with that example. Professionals have been using these tech tricks for years at…