• Slip Fall Ice
    Injury Law

    What You Should Really Do If You Slip and Fall This Winter

    A major snowstorm recently gripped the east coast over the weekend, leaving many people without power and nearly everyone with slippery walkways. The snow and ice are here to stay, and they’re making it a hazardous condition for everyone – young and old. Poor traction is contributing to falls as people slip on the snow and ice, struggling to gain traction. Winter weather leads to twice as many deaths as summer, and over 1 million Americans slip and fall annually. What should you do if you slip and fall this winter? 1. Report the Slip and Fall You should be reporting the slip and fall, and this will depend on…

  • Drinking Driving
    Criminal Law,  Traffic Code

    What People Don’t Know About Impaired Driving

    Every day, 29 people die in an alcohol-related car accident in the United States. The CDC estimates that alcohol-related collisions cost more than $44 billion each year. Although impaired driving is most commonly associated with alcohol consumption, drugs also affect your ability to drive safely. Here’s what people don’t know about impaired driving. Alcohol-impaired driving accounts for more than quarter of traffic-related deaths Alcohol-impaired car accidents accounted for 28% of all traffic-related deaths in 2016. That same year, 1,223 children between the ages of 0 and 14 were killed in alcohol-related accidents. More than 1 million people were arrested for driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol in 2016.…

  • Police Breathalyzer DUI
    Criminal Law,  Traffic Code

    What You Didn’t Know About Breathalyzer Tests

    Breathalyzer tests are just one tool police officers use to determine whether drivers are intoxicated. They work by measuring the level of alcohol in your breath and are often combined with other field sobriety tests to gauge whether a driver is drunk. Laws and rules related to breathalyzer tests vary from state to state. Here’s what you don’t know about breathalyzer tests. In Some States, You Can Refuse a Breathalyzer Test Some states allow drivers to refuse a breathalyzer test without penalties. But if you refuse both chemical testing and a breathalyzer test, you may face arrest or other penalties, such as license suspension. Chemical tests are performed at the…

  • Rental Property Key
    Real Estate

    5 Things to Think About When Buying an Investment Property

    Some of the wealthiest people in the world made their fortunes through real estate investments. Investing in real estate can be lucrative, and there are plenty of reasons to think that property is a sound investment. Everyone needs a home, and there’s only so much land to go around. It’s a tangible asset that can provide an impressive return if you do it right.

  • Customer Business Card
    Corporate Law

    Referral Services: Consumers and Clients Beware

    Referrals are a strong way to market a business, and organic referrals are something that every business owner tries to achieve. But when you’re the one that calls a service or business, it means that you want to do business with a specific company. The issue is that there are referral services that will not provide the service that they promise. Attorney referral services are one of the services where a “bait and switch” occurs. Let’s assume that you’ve been injured while walking in Home Depot. Perhaps you tripped over a box that was left in the middle of an aisle, and the company was at fault because workers neglected…

  • Road Sign Danger
    Injury Law

    What Consumers Need to Know About Product Liability Law

    Everyday consumers young and old are hurt by defective products or products that have been recalled. When someone is injured while using a product that left the manufacturer in a defective or dangerous state, he or she may be able to recover the resulting damages from the responsible party in a product liability based personal injury suit. Personal injury attorneys from Ankin Law Office LLC explain that product liability law is based on the responsibility of a manufacturer or other provider of goods to compensate the consumers for injuries caused by defective or dangerous products. The basic idea underlying product liability law is that the companies making and distributing the…

  • Carpet Room
    Interior Design

    5 Tips for Finding the Best Carpet Installer

    Planning to install new carpeting in your home? Don’t just hire the first installer you find. Use these five tips to find the best company for the job. 1. Look for a Certified Installer If possible, look for an installer that is certified through the Certified Flooring Installers Association. Members must pass the association’s course and meet rigorous standards. A certified installer may charge more, but you can be sure that the company’s staff knows what they’re doing. 2. Ask about Guarantees and References Find out if the installer offers any guarantees (they should). It’s not uncommon for carpet to develop issues within just a few weeks or months of…

  • Pipes Rusting

    4 Ways to Avoid Being Scammed by Sewer Cleaning Companies

    Scammers are in every industry. The sewer business is no different. Unscrupulous companies prey on vulnerable consumers, claiming they need unnecessary services. Such tactics and scams have given the industry a bad reputation. You don’t have to fall victim to their schemes. Here are four ways to avoid being scammed by a sewer cleaning company. 1. Stay with the Technician in Your Home Unscrupulous companies may send two technicians to your home: one to ask questions and one to plant evidence or fake damage. If two technicians arrive, try not to let them separate. If one leaves to “inspect” the problem, follow him or her. A common scam is using…

  • Feedback Rating

    3 Quick Ways to Get Customers to Leave Reviews

    Customer reviews and testimonials are powerful. Consumers trust online reviews almost as much as a personal recommendation. A survey found that 88% of consumers feel this way. Businesses that have a web presence need to get feedback from their customers. But how can businesses get customers to leave reviews? 1. Follow Up Emails After Service Completion Business owners can encourage their customers to leave reviews with a little reminder. I went to a local doctor’s office, and when the appointment was over, I went home and received an email with the following: A place for me to leave a rating for the service I received. A short paragraph asking for…