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    Client Care: 4 Strategies For Strengthening Your Relationship With Clients

    As we all grow more distant from each other physically and socially, you can be forgiven for letting your relationship with clients slip a little. Everyone is under immense stress at the moment, and it can be hard to focus on anything other than simply getting through the day. It’s OK to feel this way, but if you’re reading this article, we’re going to presume that you’d like to do something about it before you find yourself wondering where everybody went. That’s why we’ve put together this list of strategies for strengthening your relationship with clients: Give Back Your clients are used to swapping their cash for your services. However,…

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    Recipe Rescue – 5 Cooking Hacks to Help Master Even the Most Challenging of Recipes

    It can be fun to play it fast and loose in the kitchen, using recipes as a vague guide while flowing to the beat of your own whisk. However, this can also result in some horrific (and inedible) cooking fails. If your cooking adventures are regularly turning into disasters, read on to discover the five essential steps to always getting the recipe right: 1. Get the Right Cookware Sometimes it can be fun to stretch your resourcefulness by coming up with clever ways to get around the fact that you don’t have the cookware a recipe calls for. However, when you’re elbows-deep in dough and the realization strikes that this…

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    5 Hot Desking Tips to Increase Productivity

    Are you always looking to make efficient changes in your business to be more productive? Do you like to stay on top of business and general working trends? Hot desking is starting to become a very common practice in a lot of office spaces, and for a good reason. The practice makes people communicate more and gives smaller spaces a lot more efficiency. If your workplace is going a bit stagnant, hot desking may be the answer you are looking for. Hot desking is essentially taking away assigned seating for some, or all, of your employees. You have to keep up with workplace innovation to succeed, so consider switching things…

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    Business Buster – 3 Tips to Getting an Edge on Your Competition in Business

    If your company doesn’t have any competition, you’re one lucky entrepreneur in an extremely niche market. If you’re part of the other 99.9% of business owners, you understand that almost any sort of edge is generally worth chasing. There any many ways in which you can do this, but many of them probably take time, effort and money well beyond what you originally bargained for. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to build an edge that will fit nicely into your current business model with minimal extra outlay. Have a Presence This applies both physically and metaphorically. You want to be the kind of owner who sees and is…

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    Corporate Cheer – 6 Sensational Business Gifts for Your Star Clients

    When the money rolls into your bank account month after month, it’s easy to take your clients for granted. You keep providing the service, and they will keep paying for it. Sometimes, it’s when they cut ties that you realize you could have done it much, much better. Look after your clients, and they will look after you. One corporate gift giving can play a pivotal role in forging strong client relationships. Here are a few gift ideas to sweeten the deal: Branded Merchandise Very few gifts benefit the recipient as much as the buyer, but that’s what’s on the table with branded corporate gifts. You spend a little bit…

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    Planning Ahead – 5 Tips to Help You Create a Financially Secure Retirement

    Most people imagine retirement will be an endless holiday, filled with visits to see friends and family, overseas holidays, and leisurely games of golf. However, many have little to no savings and no plan to build a retirement nest egg that will allow them to make this dream a reality. With life expectancy higher than ever, most Americans should have two decades to enjoy life without work. This means it’s worth starting your retirement fund planning now so you can comfortably achieve all the goals you have in mind. Here are five tips to get you started. Consider a Self-Managed Super Fund Switching over to a self-managed super fund (SMSF)…

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    Personal Touch – 5 Secrets to Creating Lasting Business Relationships

    Lasting business relationships are necessary if you want to succeed. You want to be the first person your colleagues think of when they need the job done. But how do you build a business relationship that can stand the test of time? With these five, simple steps you’ll find it’s easier than you thought. Remember Birthdays Remembering someone’s birthday is an effective way to show that you acknowledge him or her. By doing this, your colleague won’t feel like a face among many but like an individual who is an asset to the group. It also shows you care about them because you’re capable of remembering personal details. Consider purchasing…