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    Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

    When you renovate your house, you must also include your kitchen in your plans. If you have decided to go for a modern style you should know that it is not hard to bring that to your kitchen as well. A traditional style can be nice, but sometimes you might want to bring something more to your kitchen, and we are here to help you with that. Pick the right furniture The furniture can clearly be the one that sets a modern vibe to your kitchen and that is why you have to be very careful when you choose it. You can try to combine different materials such as metal,…

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    Top 5 Places to Buy Books in Delhi

    The minute a word changes into a cloud of imagination, you enter the world that isn’t your own. Suddenly, keys have wings and broomsticks can fly! Sounds familiar I believe? In that case, you better read on! Books are deeply personal things. Each one of us form a unique bond with the characters we read about, relate to storylines and personalities in different ways and enjoy all sorts of genres from crime to romance, gothic to fantasy. However, are you looking for a decent place to buy books in Delhi while heading from Srinagar? Delhi, the capital of India, has many attractions. Notably, for site seeing, delicious food and the…