• Management

    Five Ways To Improve Employee Training

    Training has always been an essential technique for employees to understand what work is required of them to fulfill their job positions. Now, as companies are looking for new ways to increase productivity and operations, they are taking more time to improve employee training processes. Improvements in training tactics are essential for businesses to survive and grow. And better training means happier, more motivated employees. Here are 5 ways to improve employee training this year: Training Tactic #1: Offer Employee Incentive Programs Incentive programs have been around almost forever. Most programs focus on rewarding employees for the great jobs that they do at work. But now, managers are shifting incentive…

  • Security

    Why ATM Skimming is Harder to Detect

    Protecting personal information is always about learning the tricks of thieves who are trying to steal your identity. That means learning about the skimming devices and why these devices are often going undetected by individuals who use care when at the ATM. As technology improves, the risk of facing identity theft from using technology is increasing.