• Voice Search

    Here’s What You Should Know About Getting Started with Voice SEO

    Voice search refers to the process of using voice commands to search websites and apps. If you’ve ever promoted Siri or Amazon Alexa, you’ve participated in voice search. Moving forward, the voice search revolution is poised to play a major role in search engine optimization and marketing. Here are some interesting statistics to prove it: Twenty percent of mobile queries on Google and 25 percent of all searches on Bing are voice searches Nearly a third of the U.S population (33 percent) are users of voice search, according to eMarketer Approximately 52 percent of people use voice search when driving More than 50 percent of Americans use voice assistance when…

  • Programming Code

    5 Best Custom Software Development Tools

    There are a ton of popular custom software development tools to choose from. As an experienced software developer, you likely know that the top tools can make or break your performance. Advanced resources like compilers, visual online code editors, registries, and debuggers have simplified the custom software development process significantly. With so many solutions and toolkits available, selecting the best option could be a challenge.

  • Microsoft Logo

    Docker Containers are the Future of Windows 10

    Microsoft has always tried to provide the best experiences for its users. It also makes sure developers have the most convenient platform for creating new applications. Docker is being utilized to create a growing number of Linux applications. However, Windows 10 is also becoming more reliant on Docker. A number of Docker containers are embedded in various applications already, but even more containers will be incorporated into Windows 10 programs in the future. In the past, Windows relied on its own containers. Docker is a Linux-based platform, so there weren’t many intuitive options to embed its features into Windows. However, this is starting to change as more Windows developers start…

  • iPad Mobile Marketing

    Areas of Digital Marketing to Focus on to Help Increase Sales or Leads

    Digital marketing is going to continue to grow as the world becomes more technologically advanced. Marketing online can change the trajectory of a poorly performing business in just a few months. Online leads with the large volume of traffic that search engines receive the amount of organic leads/sales for a company could be massive. Digital marketing tactics differ in terms of ROI depending on the industry. The following are areas that should be made a priority related to digital marketing that will help increase sales.

  • Gun Apocalypse Prepare

    Creative Apocalypse Preparation List From Most Obvious to Least

    Prepare for emergencies with essential items: guns (for protection), knives (versatile tools), a dog (companion and early warning system), fake blood (intimidation), non-perishable food, medicine, vitamins, feminine hygiene products, Lifestraw (water filter), backpack, map & compass, flashlight, dirt bike (transportation), Bic lighters, books for knowledge and trade. Stay safe!

  • Business Software
    Business Tools

    Software All New Businesses Must Have

    Congratulations! So you have decided to set out on your own, either by starting a small business or freelancing (one in the same, really). This is surely an exciting time for you and your loved ones, but it can also be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have the right support tools in place to help you. Fortunately, there are tons of software options for small businesses meant to streamline the day-to-day processes. From accounting to scheduling to shipping management, the tech world has got you covered. If you are not taking advantage of all the fruits the digital age has wrought, you are bound to be left in the…

  • File Cabinet

    Why Effective File Management Is so Important

    Untidy, messy office due to a pile of paper stacks doesn’t create a proper environment for working. Employees give a significant portion of their time in work, if the office doesn’t feel welcoming, then that’s a problem of the management. If the employees do not feel the urge while completing a job, then eventually the productivity gets hampered. On the other hand, messy office means one needs to go through a lot of items to find out what that person was looking for, which itself is very time-consuming. Wasting of time leads to delaying, which ultimately results in low productivity. To have a neat and clean office, other than maintaining…

  • Smartphone Business

    Reach, Engagement, Placement, and ROI: A Crash Course in Influencer Marketing

    You know what the verb “to influence” means, but have you ever heard the noun version, “influencer”? It’s a term that has been on the lips of digital marketers and avid social media users for several years now. And according to the experts, this subset of internet marketing is poised to become even more important as we head into the 2020s. If you don’t know what (or who) an influencer is, or why you should try to get one (or more) for your company, then read on for a crash course in influencer marketing! First, Just What the Heck Is an Influencer? As the name implies, an influencer is someone…

  • Failure Bad Investments

    What You Can Learn From These Failed Startups

    Starting a business is never easy, even when you have the best intentions and a passionate spirit. No matter how committed or excited you are about an idea or concept, it doesn’t dispute the fact that nearly half of all newly launched businesses will shut their doors within five years, unable to succeed beyond that mark. There are many reasons why this happens.

  • Bored Kid

    Mom, I’m Bored: Entertainment for a New Generation

    Almost every child has heard their parent say how much better everything was in their day. And almost every parent feels afraid because they don’t understand their children’s generation and they truly feel that things were easier and safer in their day. We have gone from children being able to play safely in the park with their friends to parents who have become afraid of their children being abducted; a very real fear. We have gone from children and teens socializing with one another to children and teens socializing on a screen, through social media. Gone are the days when children and teenagers were entertained through books; the rising epidemic…