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    Future Fuel Tech: What Will Power Tomorrow’s Cars?

    While the fossil fuel industry has proved remarkably resilient at extending its dominance of the car fuel market, there are a few very good reasons to assume that - at some point - one or more of the alternative fuels under development and/or currently in use will make its mark. The problem in relying on a single fuel type to power the global economy is that the supply chain could be so easily interrupted. Then we’ll wish we had access to one of the following.

  • Google self driving car at the Computer History Museum. Photo by Don DeBold. License: CC BY 2.0.
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    The Cutting-Edge Tech Behind Driverless Cars

    Driverless cars are appearing in headlines more and more frequently. The technology is certainly attractive, because it promises to deliver a much safer driving experience. Automatic systems can scan the environment and react to obstacles much faster than a human driver. Self driving cars would also be far more convenient, because the driver is no longer required to manage the vehicle.