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    How to Maintain Healthy Habits on the Weekend

    Weekends are fun. They allow people the chance to unwind and kick back with friends and family after a long five days at work. However, weekend activities can also disrupt good health habits. Indeed, many individuals struggle to stick to their diet and exercise routine on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If any of that sounds familiar, then this blog is for you. Here’s how to have fun on the weekends without ruining your fitness progress.

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    10 Benefits of Online Over Campus-Based Nursing Degrees

    The demand for good nurses today is higher than ever before, leading to a significant increase in the type of nursing education programs that are available. Whether you’re a high school student applying to college and want a career that allows you to be there for and care for others or are considering a complete career change and feel that nursing is your calling, there’s now more choice than ever before to consider when it comes to deciding how you are going to get your degree.

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    5 Steps to Become a Registered Nurse

    Are you interested in becoming a registered nurse (RN), but aren’t sure of the steps to take to get started? That’s ok. Pursuing a new career can be daunting and hard work, but it’s easier if you have a plan that you can follow. Keep reading to learn the five steps to become a registered nurse. 1. Decide What Kind of Nurse You Want to Be The medical field is highly competitive, and it’s important to find a niche you will excel in. Therefore, this step is significant to determine where you want to go in your career. With an RN degree, you qualify to work in: Physicians’ Offices Registered…