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    Hotel Waste Management

    Hotel waste management is an important aspect of running a successful and sustainable hotel business. However, it can be easy to make mistakes when it comes to managing waste, which can lead to a variety of negative consequences. In this blog post, we will discuss some common mistakes made in hotel waste management and how to avoid them.

  • Mental Health Wellness Screening
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    The Most Common Mental Health Issues That Need Treatment

    Different mental health issues are known to impact one’s behavior, thinking, perceptions, and mood. Oftentimes, these issues are known to run in families. Anyone with a mental illness or disorder could have a difficult time coping with relationships, work, and other daily life demands. Discovering that you have a mental illness can be disappointing, but most of these conditions can be managed through counseling and/or medication.

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    Higher Education

    How to Make a Good College Essay a Great One

    Without making too many assumptions, it’s likely that most college students are capable of writing at least a decent essay. However, there’s a big difference between an “okay” research paper, and a truly great college essay. Here, we’ll explain how ambitious college students can improve their writing ability and create content that will wow their professors and their peers.

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    Low-Cost Ways to Market Your New Business

    When you’re just starting out, your budget can be very limited. However, marketing and advertising your new business is crucial to informing the world about yourself and for reaching your target audience. Therefore, properly allocating your budget to leave room for advertising is important. Here are some tips to successfully market your business at a low cost!

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    Do I Need a Virtual Data Room?

    As the world embraces technology, it becomes essential to design new ways to disseminate information quickly and safely. It is no longer enough to store your files on a hard drive. You need a method that is accessible and well-organized. Whether you have a big or a start-up company, you need to protect your data on the web. This is where a virtual data room comes to help and improve your data security.

  • Mobile Phone House Real Estate
    Real Estate

    Benefits of emerging technologies in real estate

    Real estate is widely regarded as one of the last industries to embrace technology. Realtor lock boxes that facilitated home showings were once viewed as cutting edge. Now, many homes are being purchased sight unseen, something previous generations would have regarded as ludicrous. Baby Boomers liked to kick the tires before purchasing a vehicle and some even wanted to crawl beneath a house to check for any structural issues and signs of termites before making the purchase, believing their own eyes over even a home inspector. The industry has been changing incrementally for decades. Before long, home inspections became commonplace and a certification process for inspectors was established in the…

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    Real World Resilience and Why Shady Elhami Says It Matters in Business

    There is nothing like a pandemic to test the mettle of individuals and the corporate world. Suddenly the word “resilience” became commonly used. There are now Tedx Talks about it, psychologists study it, and there is an abundance of articles from the likes of Forbes, Harvard and MIT. Powerhouse people have the concept at the forefront of their thoughts – and for good reason. Resilience holds a lot of weight.

  • Doctor
    General Education

    4 Reasons to Schedule a Physical Every Year

    For a lot of people, a trip to the doctor’s office might seem like a nuisance. Others may have a genuine mistrust of doctors or a fear of medical facilities. As a result, many individuals don’t schedule regular trips to the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, skipping your annual checkup can have serious negative consequences. Here, we’ll list several key reasons why it’s always important to visit your doctor at least once a year –– no matter your age or current health status: 1. Preventative Screening Just because you don’t think you have a health problem, it doesn’t mean you’re actually completely healthy. Many medical conditions are asymptomatic; some may appear innocuous…

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    When it Comes to Car Subwoofers, it’s All About the Bass (No Treble)

    For some people, the type and style of car they drive is only of secondary importance to the sound system contained within. Maybe you’re driving a minivan that you use to cart the kids to soccer and Pop Warner football games on the weekends. Or perhaps you drive a pickup truck back and forth to the construction site each day. Or maybe you’re a young person who can only afford a used car while you work your way up in the world. One thing that remains true for you, no matter what you’re driving, is that your stereo system sounds great. That said, the car experts will tell you that…