TOMRA Fruit Sorting Solutions


Food waste is a worldwide epidemic in modern life, with an estimated 30% of grown food discarded rather than used. Of course concurrently with the waste of food is the waste of money, and, whether you are a business or an individual customer, it is imperative to avoid both these plights. One of the leading companies endeavouring to fight food waste and increase sustainability is TOMRA, using technology-led solutions since their founding in 1972 in various fields: collection, food processing, recycling, and mining for instance. Operating in 60 markets, every year TOMRA collects around 40 billion discarded cans and bottles in their devotion to reducing waste; further TOMRA have more than 13,000 TOMRA Sorting Solutions worldwide, enabling the processing and sorting of food to ensure the utmost quality.

If you desire high quality fruit-based products, then TOMRA’s fruit sorting equipment is the best answer. Their equipment removes discoloration, put, mechanical damage, mould, rot or unripe fruit from the process, as well as foreign materials such as wildlife, potentially dangerous artificial materials, etc. With technology available for a plethora of fruit, such as apples, olives, tomatoes or citrus, any need can be met—whether fresh or frozen. The benefit of being able to process frozen fruit means getting a greater yield whilst the fruit is in season, to be sold with the same nutritional value some months later; the implication of this remarkable technology is less waste because of the seasons, as well as the consumer. For any of the fruit machines the benefits are simple: increased yield, reduced labour costs/dependency, and a consistent quality across your supply. Through the use of technology TOMRA can ensure that the very best of nature remains in its purest form. Your fruit will only taste sweeter with the knowledge that you are benefitting your health, eating the highest quality product, and contributing to the preservation of the planet.

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