Association Noosphere Extends Support for NASA Space Apps

Association Noosphere

Techies in Ukraine, were excited this spring when the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017 was held in three cities across the country, thanks to support from Association Noosphere and EOS. Now they have another reason to celebrate as the Noosphere NGO plans to continue its support to the hackathon in 2018.

The event takes place every year in hundreds of centers around the world and invites techies, engineers, students, designers and anyone who is interested in space to tackle real-world problems that scientists in the field are working on right now. In 2017, the NASA Space Apps challenge attracted 25,000 participants globally in 187 locations across 69 countries.

Despite being a first-time event for Dnipro, enthusiasts rallied to the hackathon. 12 teams all joined in to compete for the grand prize, an invitation to a NASA rocket launch. Max Polyakov was especially excited Team Spacer from Dnipro was able to climb to 8th place in the global people’s choice awards. With more than 25,000 people competing, it was an exciting achievement.

The 48-hour event also covered many other topics that included the best use of data, best use of hardware, best mission concept, galactic impact, most inspirational and, the people’s choice award.

Max Polyakov founded EOS to perform gis-data processing and analysis, which fits in perfectly to the goals of NASA’s space-based event. EOS employees were even present at the events to help coach participants to come up with new, innovative ideas while they competed in 2017. One of the categories this year was even on “NASA Earth Science”, and participants who competed in this category received a special incentive to stimulate get the creative juices flowing.

Max Polyakov chose to support the Space Apps Challenge with EOS, as it so closely fits with his ideals of inspiring young inventors and giving them a voice. It inspires people to think on global and cosmic scales, to think about problems that we are facing as a species and helps us understand our place in the universe. At the same time, it also challenges participants to think of how to solve the immediate problems that we are facing to ensure that we can survive and thrive into the future we are creating.

Max Polyakov based Association Noosphere on the idea that we need to increase people’s interest in advanced technologies, especially young people, and create an environment for them to share their knowledge. Finally, we need to apply that knowledge in our daily lives.

Participants and organizers alike are looking forward to the ideas that Space Apps Challenge 2018 will bring. The ideas that will be generated and the people that will be inspired will help create a better world for use hear and create a solid foundation to stand on when it comes times to take our next steps into space. Max Polyakov agrees and has been using Association Noosphere to encourage the next generation of inventors and engineers to get interested in technology.

Photo from NASA Space Apps Challenge Dnipro.

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