Underwater Dwellings: H2Ome and The Poseidon Resort

U.S. Submarine Structures LLC is the company that designed both H2Ome and the Poseidon Resort. H2Ome is the world’s first sea-floor private residence while the Poseidon Resort is the first sea-floor hotel.

The Poseidon Resort is located underwater on the sea-floor inside a Fijian lagoon. The pressure at the sea-floor is equivalent to one atmosphere, so the structures are strong enough, yet not really massive. Also this depth enables sunlight to reach the resort’s huge windows, giving a magnificent view on the sea and it’s life-forms. This would be the dream hotel!

As for H2Ome, it is very similar to the Poseidon Resort (also under a one atmosphere pressure) but it is meant to be a series of private luxury residences.

Read more and see the awesome images: Underwater Dwellings: H2Ome and The Poseidon Resort

The company’s site: Poseidon Resorts

9 comments on “Underwater Dwellings: H2Ome and The Poseidon Resort

  1. The review in this post by paul is given in nice manner taking care of all the facts.U.S. Submarine Structures LLC is the company that is responsible for the design and construction of both the Poseidon Undersea Resort and now, the world’s first one-atmosphere sea-floor residence, the H2OME.

  2. This sounds like an amazing experience. Any idea how much a week at a resort like this would cost? Absolutely amazing. So surprised that I hadn’t heard of this sooner.

  3. Thanks for posting. I think it would be a great experience and I would sleep down there if I had the chance. thanks again!

  4. This resort looks amazing, and the price per person to stay there is $15,000 for a week. Although it is all inclusive so it includes your meals, activities etc. Definitely worth it.

  5. Mmm… I think it would be a brilliant experience but I’m not sure I’d want to sleep down there. I’d keep getting up to check for leaks!

  6. Why is it that every time information is given the quantifiers like largest, biggest, fastest or first have to be used. More often than not it’s true because other words are added to make the claim exclusive from any challenges. This article states “The Poseidon Resort is the first sea-floor hotel”. By not adding “in Fiji” , it is not a true statement of fact. All though I don’t know when it was opened as a motel. The Jules’ underwater lodge is hotel open to the public and has been in business for well over ten years. http://www.jul.com/mediainfo.html SS

    • Interesting, looks like both companies claim to be “first”. What’s more, the Poseidon Resorts will only be open to the public in 2010. But, on the other hand, Jules’ underwater lodge is only partially underwater, most of the complex being on some sort of platform. So the Poseidon Resorts would be the first to be entirely undersea.

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